Simulations of the Fermilab Main Injector​ ​

​ ​
Increased intensity in the Project-X era could lead to unacceptable particle losses due to space charge and wakefield effects. Synergia simulations of the Main Injector are being used to understand the magnitude and characteristics of losses.​


Tune Footprint

This is a simulated tune footprint of the Main Injector under Project-X intensities​.​



Tune Space Survey

This is a survey of transmission as a function of horizontal and vertical tunes.


Mu2e Extraction Simulations ​​

​ ​


The experiment requires a constant stream of protons during its data taking period. In resonant extraction, the machine is tuned so that extreme particles in phase space are extracted. Space charge alters the phase space distribution and complicates the extraction process.

Mu2e Extraction2.png

Booster Multi-bunch Instabilities ​ ​ ​ ​

​ ​ ​