​Muon Accelerator Program

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MAP_COLLABMuon Accelerator Program Collaboration list
List open to everybody interested into MAP activities. Instructions to subscribe

map-l at BNL
MAP_COOLMuon Accelerator Program Muon Cooling (IBS process)
MAP_ECMuon Accelerator Program Executive Committee
List restricted to the MAP Executive Committee members

MAP_IBMuon Accelerator Program Institutional Board
List restricted to the MAP IB members​
MAP_L2Muon Accelerator Program Level 2 managers
List restricted to the MAP L2 managers​
MAP_LABMGRSMuon Accelerator Program Lab managers
List restricted to the MAP Lab managers​
MAP_SUBMITMuon Accelerator Program JINST Articles Submissions
List to handle general help requests, and questions

All MAP mailing lists are in the 'muon-accelerators.org' domain, unless otherwise stated.

To send a message to all the people currently subscribed to a list, just send mail to ListName@muon-accelerators.org or s​ubscribe

Some lists may restrict posting to members.

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