​​​​​​​​​​​​​​JINST Special Issue On:

"Muon Accelerators for Particle Physics" 


​​The Special Issue will include a set of overview articles as well as individual technical contributions covering work being carried out by the U.S. Muon Accelerator Program (MAP), the International Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (MICE) and the International Design Study for a Neutrino Factory (IDS-NF).  It will also include articles focused on specific applications of muon accelerators.  

Please note that all MAP articles must​ be submitted for MAP Editorial Board review prior to submission to JINST!  The MAP Editorial Board includes members of the MAP Institutional Board and the MAP Management team.

MAP Author Instructions

​The following guidance should be followed for all papers being submitted by MAP authors:

  • All contributions should be prepared using the JINST templates and instructions below.  Page limit guidance is as follows:
    • General overview articles: ~20 pages
    • Sub-system overviews (i.e., Proton Driver Overview, Front End Overview, etc.):  ~15 pages
    • Topical Contributions (i.e. specific designs or R&D contributions): ~10 pages
    • Exceptions to the page limit guidance can be made in special cases
  • Prior to submission to JINST, all articles must be reviewed by the MAP Editorial Board.  When an initial draft is ready for review, the following procedures should be followed:
    • The corresponding author should login to Fermipoint with their Services Account.  
      • If the corresponding author does not have a Fermilab Services Account, please contact MAP_SUPPORT to get instructions for establishing your account.
    • ​The corresponding author should upload or drag-n-drop the source files to the MAP Documents Library page.  The source files should include:
      • The LaTeX file or word file
      • A pdf file of the formatted document
      • A zip file of all figures
    • ​The corresponding author should email the MAP_SUBMIT mailing list to notify us of the upload.  
    • In the event the corresponding author is unable to submit the article in this way, all materials can be emailed to MAP_SUBMIT​ and we will upload them to the review system.
  • The MAP Editorial Board review process:
    • After a submission has been entered into the system, an editorial team will be assigned.  
    • The editorial team will send comments and requests directly to the corresponding author in order to update the submission.
    • When the editorial team signs off on the article, the MAP management team will be notified and will provide the final approval for submission.
  • When your submission is approved:
    • The corresponding author should upload the article to the arXiv and then use the arXiv-based submission procedure to JINST.
    • As soon as the article is successfully uploaded to the arXiv, please send the arXiv reference to MAP_SUBMIT.
If there are any questions about these procedures, feel free to email MAP_SUBMIT for help.

JINST Author Instructions

The JINST article templates (in LaTeX2e and Word formats) are available at:   


When writing your contribution, in addition to the scientific quality and relevance of the subject matter,  it is advisable also to check the quality of formatting, language and style.  Examples to avoid:
  • Inconsistent units of measure
  • Different conventions used in the same paper such as 
    • Inconsistent abbreviations: "3 s" vs "3 sec" vs "3 seconds" 
    • Inconsistent text positions: "3C" vs "3 C"
    • Poorly organized tables
  • Etc.

​​JINST Editorial Office Contacts

The primary editorial contact for the volume is Vladimir Shiltsev.
For any further information and assistance, do not hesitate to contact Vladimir or the JINST Editorial Office