LBNE Requirements Index (Scientific and Programmatic)

The individual CDR volumes provide detail on the designs that LBNE has developed, based on a carefully constructed set of requirements that are organized in a traceable flow-down structure. Scientific and engineering requirements for LBNE, provided by the LBNE Collaboration and Project, follow from the science objectives and are also constrained by programmatic requirements. Designs for individual L2 projects, systems and components are based on mid- and low-level requirements, respectively, that trace all the way back to the high-level requirements.

Some of the L2 projects also maintain this requirements information in spreadsheet format: BeamlineLAr-FDNear CFFar CF

How to navigate the requirements hierarchy below

  • The diagram shows the direction of flow-down from higher- to lower-level (child) requirements (left to right). This is opposite from the direction of traceback, the process of demonstrating how each requirement satisfies one or more (parent) requirements at a higher level, all the way up the chain, eventually satisfying the global (project-wide) science objectives and/or global programmatic requirements (at WBS Level 1).
  • "L2" boxes (clustered around center of diagram) refer to WBS L2 projects and link to requirements on each corresponding L2 project as a whole.
  • L2 requirements must trace back to, and satisfy, L1 requirements...
  • ...except that CF L2 nonprogrammatic requirements trace back directly to L2 technical projects.
  • L3 is to L2 as L2 is to L1.
  • Click on the box where you want to start. The requirements on the corresponding project or subproject will appear. Scroll to the requirement you wish to investigate: Click on a (parent) or (child) link to follow a particular thread up or down the chain.
  • Full navigation reference for the hyperlinked LBNE Requirements Web