General Information for Present and Future LBNE Participants

Here we collect information that you need to know in order to (a) join or get started in LBNE and (b) communicate effectively once you're a participant.

Who's who

  • Collaboration Spokespersons: Milind Diwan (BNL) and Bob Wilson (CSU)
  • Deptuty Spokesperson and Collaboration Point of Contact: Maury Goodman (ANL)
  • LBNE Collaboration Member Lists (see article on this page)
  • Project Director: Jim Strait (FNAL)
  • Project Manager: Elaine McCluskey (FNAL)
  • LBNE Project Management Team

Interested in joining LBNE?

  • Contact Maury Goodman
  • Or contact one of the spokespersons
  • Or contact a member whom you already know
  • Or send an email to
Then get computing accounts:

BEFORE ARRIVING at Fermilab start the process for getting a Fermilab Physical Badge (needed if stationed at Fermilab, recommended if visiting frequently)

Finding documentation

  • The DocDB is used primarily to store documents. It has been used to organize agendas and materials for meetings and reviews, but LBNE is using other tools for these activities moving forward. Documents in DocDB are searchable via several attributes, e.g., name, number, author, topic and event. A variety of access permissions are in use.
    • The LBNE-wide login ID is lbne. To get the password, please email
    • Access via digital certificate (CILogon or Fermilab KCA) is also available (certificate access will change in 2013; stay tuned).

Online collaborative workspaces


Eileen Berman is the LBNE Project Computing Coordinator. She can help with questions about the software tools that LBNE uses. Send questions to
Information about scientific computing resources and how to get accounts on the Fermilab and Brookhaven clusters for LBNE can be found on the wiki at Computing page.


All LBNE talks given should be cleared through the Speaker's Committee, currently chaired by Jim Napolitano, A list of LBNE conference talks is maintained by Andy Blake.

Young LBNE Group

LBNE-Young is a subgroup of LBNE, and is open to all post-docs, graduate students, undergraduates, and other un-tenured collaborators. It's an informal forum which aims at building a stronger collaboration through social events, further interaction, and exchange of ideas among young physicists working on LBNE. It also provides a mechanism of feedback and interaction with LBNE's governing boards. For more details, visit the LBNE-Young website: You can join the group/subscribe to the lbne-young email list by sending an email to with the subject empty and “subscribe lbne-young firstname lastname” in the email body.

Getting on the Fermilab network

In order to access the Fermilab network, you will need to do one of the following -

  1. Register to gain visitor access to the network.  This gives you the same access as if you were offsite (if you needed VPN then, you will need it now). You will have to do this every day.
    • Select 'guest' as your network choice.
    • Open a browser and access any web page. Fill in the registration information as requested.
  2. Register your machine in Fermilab systems.  This will give you full access to the Fermilab network for your machine. (now and when you return to Fermilab in the future, you only have to do this once),
    1. Select 'guest' as your network choice.
    2. See for more information.
    3. Once you get an email saying you were registered, you can go back and select 'fgz' as your network choice.

Email lists

Please send general questions to:

The LBNE collaboration email lists are listed and described at LBNE mailing lists. Follow the instructions to join lists as appropriate. The primary collaboration list, "lbne-collab" is for collaboration-wide information regarding meetings, upcoming milestones and so on. Please do not use it for things like job notices.

Please inform Maury when:
  • your email address changes
  • new members from your institution start working on LBNE

Collaboration meetings

LBNE typically holds two collaboration meetings per year. Upcoming collaboration meetings will be listed on

Institutional Board (IB)

One member from each collaborating institution should be designated as the IB representative. Please tell Maury and the IB chairman (currently Marvin Marshak) who it is.

Collaboration member lists

These can be found in the document database, DocDB number 270. It is the job of the Deputy Spokesperson to keep this up-to-date. There are currently five documents there.
  • A list of collaboration members and a phone list. Each member must be verified by the Institutional Board Representative from his or her institution.
  • A Powerpoint slide of the collaboration list
  • A contact list; this list includes names of people who are associated with the Collaboration or Project but may not be collaboration members, e.g., administrative staff.
  • LaTex and PDF versions of the author list

Collaboration by-laws

These can be found in the document repository, DocDB number 137. (password required)

Long-Baseline Neutrino Newsletter

Maury will add you to the long-baseline newsletter email list when you join LBNE, but you can ask to be removed if you wish.

Job notices

Job notices should be submitted for posting on the Neutrino Jobs page. A jobs listing will be sent to the LBNE collaboration (and others) every few weeks.

Fellowship Opportunities

Several Fellowship Opportunities are available for scientists.