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Detailed outline of CDR

May 10, 20105/10/20102010Milestone

​Detailed outline of Preliminary Project Management Plan (PPMP) and DUSEL-LBNE MOU; draft organization and definition of roles and responsibilities

May 19, 20105/19/20102010Milestone
Deadwood, SDMay 25-28, 20105/25/20102010Event, Collaboration Meeting

​Initial draft sub-project Resource Loaded Schedules

June 25, 20106/25/20102010Milestone

​Intermediate draft CDR

June 25, 20106/25/20102010Milestone

​Intermediate draft of PPMP and DUSEL-LBNE MOU

July 9, 20107/9/20102010Milestone
FermilabJuly 15-16, 20107/15/20102010ReviewDirector's Reviews
FermilabSept 12-15, 20109/12/20102010Event, Collaboration Meeting

​Neutrino Beamline RLS and CDR final draft to PMO

Sept 13, 20109/13/20102010Milestone
FermilabSept 20-22, 20109/20/20102010ReviewInternal Reviews

​Water Cherenkov RLS and CDR final draft to PMO

Sept 20, 20109/20/20102010Milestone
BNLSept 27-29, 20109/27/20102010ReviewInternal Reviews

​Near Detectors RLS and CDR final draft to PMO

Sept 27, 20109/27/20102010Milestone
LANLOct 4-6, 201010/4/20102010ReviewInternal Reviews

​*DUSEL Internal Review

Oct 18-20, 201010/18/20102010Event

​Liquid Argon RLS and CDR final draft to PMO

Oct 25, 201010/25/20102010Milestone

​Conventional Facilities RLS and CDR final draft to PMO

Oct 27, 201010/27/20102010Milestone
FermilabNov 1-3, 201011/1/20102010ReviewInternal Reviews
FermilabNov 3-5, 201011/3/20102010ReviewInternal Reviews

​Project Management Retreat

Nov 15-17, 201011/15/20102010Event
UCLAJan 26-29, 20111/26/20112011Event, Collaboration Meeting

​*DUSEL Internal PDR Review

March 19-21, 20113/19/20112011Event

​Fermilab Physics Advisory Panel Meeting

June 21-25, 20116/21/20112011Event

​DOE High Energy Physics Advisory Panel Meeting

June 23-24, 20116/23/20112011Event
FermilabJuly 13-15, 20117/13/20112011Event, Collaboration Meeting


July 20117/16/20112011Event

​DOE Science plan and funding sheets

Aug 5, 20118/5/20112011Milestone

​DPF Forums (Project-X) August 10, (underground forum)

Aug 11, 20118/11/20112011Event

​LBNE visit to NSF

Aug 16, 20118/16/20112011Event

​Science performance and case study review

Sep-Oct 20119/1/20112011Milestone

​Far Site Risk Analysis Workshop

FermilabOct 13-14, 201110/13/20112011Event

​Near Site Risk Analysis Workshop

FermilabOct 19-20, 201110/19/20112011Event
FermilabNov 1-3, 201111/1/20112011ReviewInternal Reviews
FermilabNov 3-5, 201111/3/20112011ReviewInternal Reviews

​WCD, LAr, Beamline, Near Detector, Project Risk Mitigation Workshop

FermilabNov 16-17, 201111/16/20112011Event

​Conventional Facilities Risk Mitigation Workshop

FermilabNov 21, 201111/21/20112011Event
Rockville, MDNov 30 - Dec 2, 201111/30/20112011Event

​Executive Committee Retreat

Lake Geneva, WIDec 12-14, 201112/12/20112011Event
Argonne National LaboratoryDec 15-17, 201112/15/20112011Event, Collaboration Meeting
FermilabDec 6-9, 201112/6/20112011ReviewInternal Reviews

​Configuration selection: LArTPC Far Detector

Jan 24, 20121/24/20122012Milestone
FermilabJan 24-25, 20121/24/20122012ReviewInternal Reviews
FermilabMarch 26-30, 20123/26/20122012ReviewDirector's Reviews
FermilabApril 26-28, 20124/26/20122012Event, Collaboration Meeting
April-June 20124/1/20122012Milestone
Deadwood, SDJuly 29 - Aug 2, 20127/29/20122012Event
Washington DCAug 27-28, 20128/27/20122012Event
Krakow, PolandSept 10-12, 20129/10/20122012Event
FermilabSept 25-27, 20129/25/20122012ReviewDirector's Reviews
FermilabOct 3, 201210/3/20122012Event
FermilabOct 4-6, 201210/4/20122012Event
FermilabOct 11-13, 201210/11/20122012Event
FermilabOct 30 - Nov 1, 201210/30/20122012ReviewDOE Reviews
Houston, TXNov 29 - Dec 2, 201211/29/20122012Event, Collaboration Meeting

​CD-1 Approval

Dec 10, 201212/10/20122012Milestone
FermilabMarch 22-24, 20133/22/20132013Event, Collaboration Meeting
FermilabNov 6, 201211/6/20122012ReviewDOE Reviews
FermilabOct 15, 201210/15/20122012ReviewInternal Reviews
FermilabFeb 10 - 28, 20122/10/20122012ReviewInternal Reviews
Sept 9, 20109/9/20102010ReviewBeamline Review
Aug 24, 20108/24/20102010ReviewBeamline Review
Aug 19, 20108/19/20102010ReviewBeamline Review
Aug 12, 20108/12/20102010ReviewBeamline Review
May 6, 20105/6/20102010ReviewBeamline Review
April 14, 20104/14/20102010ReviewBeamline Review
Dec 9, 201012/9/20102010ReviewNear Detector Reviews
July 12, 20117/12/20112011ReviewWater Cherenkov Reviews
March 26, 20103/26/20102010ReviewWater Cherenkov Reviews
Feb 23, 20102/23/20102010ReviewWater Cherenkov Reviews
Feb 19, 20102/19/20102010ReviewWater Cherenkov Reviews
Feb 18, 20102/18/20102010ReviewWater Cherenkov Reviews
Dec 21, 200912/21/20092009ReviewWater Cherenkov Reviews
Dec 15, 200912/15/20092009ReviewWater Cherenkov Reviews
Dec 14, 200912/14/20092009ReviewWater Cherenkov Reviews
Aug 30-31, 20118/30/20112011ReviewFar Detector Reviews
May 17, 20105/17/20102010ReviewFar Detector Reviews
Asilomar, CAMay 24-27, 20135/24/20132013Event
July 31, 20127/31/20122012Milestone
Ft. Collins, COSept 11-13, 20139/11/20132013Event, Collaboration Meeting
INFNJune 17-18, 20136/17/20132013Event
FermilabAug 2013 - Oct 20138/21/20132013EventInternal Reviews
FermilabOct 25, 201310/25/20132013ReviewFar Detector Reviews
Web/PhoneNov 201311/4/20132013ReviewFar Detector Reviews
Web/Phonetbd11/4/20132013ReviewFar Detector Reviews
FermilabFeb 2-4, 20142/2/20142014Event
FermilabMar 27, 20143/27/20142014ReviewBeamline Review
FermilabApril 3-4, 20134/3/20132013ReviewBeamline Review
FermilabNov 21, 201311/21/20132013ReviewBeamline Review
Washington DCMay 12-15, 20145/12/20142014ReviewDOE Reviews
University of Wisconsin, WIJune 16, 20146/16/20142014Review35t Review
FermilabAug 25, 20148/25/20142014Review35t Review
FermilabSep 4, 20149/4/20142014Event
Sanford Underground Research FacilityOct 8-10, 201410/8/20142014EventConventional Facilities Reviews
ArgonneMar 20 - 22, 20143/20/20142014Event
FermilabJul 28 - 29, 20147/28/20142014Event
FermilabJul 30 - Aug 1, 20147/30/20142014Event, Collaboration Meeting
FermilabJun 18, 20126/18/20122012Review35t Review
FermilabOct 29, 201410/29/20142014Event, ReviewBeamline Review
FermilabJan 22-23, 20151/22/20152015Event, Collaboration Meeting
VariousStarts Dec, 201412/1/20142014Event
FermilabJan 20 - 22, 20151/20/20152015ReviewBeamline Review
VariousStarts Feb, 20152/2/20152015Event