Geant4 at Fermilab

Geant4 is a toolkit for the modeling of the passage of particles through matter. Its application areas include high energy physics and nuclear experiments, medical, accelerator and space physics.
In particular, the toolkit is used by essentially all expriments and projects at Fermilab, both on the Energy Frontier and the Intensity Frontier.

Geant4 simulation of the mu2e beamline The toolkit is being designed, developed and maintained by an international collaboration formed by individuals from a number of cooperating institutes, HEP experiments, and universities.
Geant4 Homepage is located at: Geant4 Home Page (CERN).

The documents here are meant to be complementary to the Geant4 native documentation and aim to help Geant4 users at Fermilab, especially the new ones, to become more familiar with the toolkit. The materials are provided by the Computational Physics for Experiments group of the Scientific Computing Division; they offer a set of hands-on instructions and tips for getting started in the use of Geant4 at Fermilab, as well as useful links to projects and related web sites.

Every year Geant4 team organizes various events, including schools and special meetings where users can present and discuss their concerns or important requirements from their collaborations.
To keep up with the latest and/or local news on Geant4 or to submit questions, we strongly suggest to use the mailing list.
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