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Target Systems

Target System is a part of the Neutrino Beamline which is designed to efficiently convert the intense proton beam into a focused neutrino beam aimed at the far detector.

As shown in the above illustration of the neutrino beamline layout:
-- The protons are steered into a solid carbon target to produce mesons through hadronic interactions - predominantly pions.
-- The pions are then focused by pulsed toroidal magnets called horns into the decay pipe. A horn is a coaxial, transmission-line magnet with an air gap between the conductors. The inner conductor is hollow and have parabolic profile, such that it allows momentum selection of the pions throgh focusing.
-- The pions decay to muons and muon-neutrinos in the helium filled decay volume.
-- The Hadron Monitor measures the spatial distribution of the uninteracted protons and undecayed pions, after which they are stopped in the Hadron Absorber which is a mass of steel, concrete and aluminum.
-- The muons penetrate the absorber and continue into unexcavated rock, where they range out over a distance. The spatial distributions of muons are measured at Muon Monitor stations.
-- The neutrino beam is largely unaffected by the rock, and propagate in straight lines to the experimental detectors.