The Systems Engineering (SE) group participates in the Project Reviews that are organized by the Review Office and are considered ex-officio members of the review committee. The SE group also provides some basic guidance, such as writing a charge, presenting the requirements and interfaces for the review, to the systems that are conducting their Preliminary Design Reviews (PDRs). A set of typical charge questions for the PDRs that is provided by the SE group are shown below.

The current schedule for Reviews can be found at the following EDMS link:

The LBNF/DUNE Review Office manages the internal LBNF and DUNE review process. The Review Office is responsible for final design, production, installation and operations reviews for LBNF and DUNE systems. This plan established the expectations and deliverables for these reviews. The Review Plan document prepared by the Review Office can be found at the following EDMS link:​​

Generic Charge Questi​​ons


  • Does the design meet the technical requirements and performance specifications presented?
  • ​Have the design alternatives been adequately considered/studied and exploited?
  • Are all interfaces adequately identified and defined?

  • Have lessons learned from similar experiences from other projects incorporated into the design, where applicable?

  • Have all Engineering analyses been performed and documented, and reviewed/peer reviewed and approved, where applicable?

  • Are codes and standards adequately applied to the design? 

  • Have the ES&H issues been identified and analyzed appropriately?

  • Have the Fermilab Engineering Manual standards been applied to the design?

  • Have installation and testing plans been addressed?

  • Have the long lead procurement items been identified, where applicable and does a procurement strategy exist for it?

  • Is there an adequate confidence level on cost and schedule estimates?

  • Have all major risks been identified and does a mitigation strategy exist?

  • Is the design maturity at a satisfactory level giving confidence for the sub-system to be recommended to proceed to CD-2/CD-3a and Director’s readiness review?