​​​​​​​​The Systems Engineering (SE) group controls the interfaces between the various systems of the LBNF/DUNE/Integration projects by means of the Interface Control Documents (ICDs). The ICDs are living documents that define the touchpoints between two systems. The interfaces can be of many types, such as, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, etc. The interfaces may identify partner responsibilities. An example of a typical interface definition would be “The Conventional Facilities provides a sleeve pipe in the wall and the Beamline provides the beampipe that fits within the sleeve pipe and seals the space between the sleeve pipe and the beampipe."  Interfaces within subsystems are managed by the subsystems. The matrix below is the Interface Chart for Far Site Conventional Facilities only. The numbers within the cells represent the EDMS reference numbers. ​

The ICDs continue to evolve in definition and detail as the design of the various systems of the project mature. The ICDs for LBNF/DUNE/Integration projects are maintained in EDMS. The following tables show the EDMS links to the current ICDs for DUNE, LBNF and Integration.  These are being updated and negotiated between subsystems as designs and planning mature.  

Interfaces for DUNE consortia are also located at the below link.  These include interfaces between consortia and the facility infrastructure.

EDMS Link: https://edms.cern.ch/project/CERN-0000198206

LBNF/DUNE/Integration Far Site Interface Control Documents​

Far Site EntityConventional Facilities, Far SiteDetector, Far SiteCryostat, Far Site Cryogenics, Far SiteIntegration, Far Site
Conventional Facilities, Far Site 
Detector, Far ​Site​​
Cryostat, Far Site23918762391877
Cryogenics, Far Site239182123918352391822  
Integration, Far Site2391830 23918252391836 ​

LBNF/DUNE/Integration Near Site Interface Control Documents 

Near Site Entity​Conventional Facilities​, Near Site

Beamline, Absorber Comp​lex


Beamline, Decay Region


Beamline, Primary Beam


Beamline, Target Complex


Near Site CryogenicsInterface Document # 
Near Detector LAr, Moving Cryogenics 2339717
Near Detector LAr Cryogenics - NSCF2339749
Near Detector, He Cryogenics a​​nd LAr Cryogenics 2385477
Near Detector Integration and LAr Cryogenics2385478