​​​​LBNF/DUNE Far Site Interface Control Matrix 

Interface Control Documents (ICDs) are tools to give a clear full list of each group's responsibilities to others in the combined Projects. The Far Site ICD Matrix ​does not cover interfaces internal to the DUNE Far Detector, which is to be published here at a later date. 

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The process for review and use of ICDs follows a few general rules:

  • ICDs do not duplicate referenced documentation; links within ICDs lead to the controlled documentation that gives detail to the interface.

  • Referenced controlled documentation in ICDs primarily consists of requirements data sets and other detailed documentation demonstrating requirements are being met.

  • Revisions to ICDs are generally only necessary when an interface between respective groups changes, or an interface is discovered to be missing; otherwise, ICDs are correct throughout the life of the project and require little maintenance.

  • Any Far Site Entity is only responsible to supply, review and approve their interface responsibilities according to their own matrixed rows and columns.​​