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​​​​​Systems Engineering (SE) is responsible for management of experiment/project Re​quirements, Configuration, Interfaces and 3D CAD Integration. Links at the left side of this page and within the text below lead to each of the Systems Engineering management areas and tools for these efforts.

​​LBNF/DUNE Requirements​

The LBNF/DUNE requirements are categorized into Science and Engineering and Programmatic requirements.  These requirements are managed and controlled as a part of the Configuration Management Process and are structured to trace up to the Global Science Objectives of the LBNF/DUNE project.

​​​​LBNF/DUNE Configuration Management

Configuration Management Plan (CMP) is employed by the LBNF and DUNE Projects to identify and control relationships during design and construction of LBNF/DUNE at both the Near Site and the Far Site. The main goal of the LBNF/DUNE CMP is to prevent unauthorized or uncontrolled changes to engineering design or analysis, hardware, controlled documents, and controlled software. The key elements of Configuration Management are Interface Control, Change Control, and 3D CAD Integration.

​LBNF/DUNE Interface Management

A DUNE or LBNF Configuration Item (CI) generally has a multitude of physical and programmatic interfaces with other deliverables of one or both Projects. Interface Management is accomplished by use of matrices that lay out data exchange needs between Partners.

​​LBNF/DUNE Change Control

Change Control is the process by which the LBNF/DUNE technical scope, cost and schedule changes are managed by the LBNF and DUNE Projects. Change Control is the process that ensures adequate Configuration Management of Project baselines.

LBNF/DUNE 3D CAD Integration

The Systems Engineering group also manages the 3D CAD data from the A/E firm and performs the integration. The integrated CAD files are used to study any interferences, clash detections and are provided to the stakeholders for review as well.

Systems Engineering Manager

Jack Fowler​