​​Configuration Management Processes:

Systems Engineering (SE) group is responsible for exercising and implementing the configuration management plan. The LBNF/DUNE Configuration Management Plan provides the guidance necessary for Engineering Data Management, Change Control and Interface Management. Currently, design documents, requirements and Interface Control Documents (ICDs) are being placed under configuration management. SE group is responsible for disseminating the information at the weekly/bi-weekly far site integration meetings and dedicated meetings, which is then followed by a signoff process.

All signatures are requested using the DUNE DocDB signoff process.

The following is a list of personnel from whom signatures are typically requested.

Configuration Control for Design Documents


Far Site Design Documents:

Al StratmanSDSTA
David MontanariCryogenic Systems
Eric JamesDUNE
Elaine G MccluskeyLBNF
DUNE mechanical
Kevin FaheyQA/QC
Marzio NessiCryostat
Mike AndrewsESH
Jack FowlerLBNF/DUNE Systems Engineering Manager
Theresa M ShawDUNE electrical
Doug Pelletier​LBNF CF

Configuration Control for Requirements and ICDs



Eric James                             DUNE Technical Coordinator

Elaine McCluskey                  LBNF Project Manager


Josh Willhite                          FSCF Project Manager

David Montanari                    Cryogenics Project Manager

Marzio Nessi                          Cryostat Project Manager (CERN)

Mike Headley                         SDSTA Executive Director

Eric James                             DUNE Technical Coordinator

Configuration Control for Interface Control Drawings



open                                       DUNE Mechanical Engineer

Theresa Shaw                        DUNE Electrical Engineer

Eric James                              DUNE Technical Coordinator


Elaine McCluskey (acting)        CF Project Manager

David Montanari                    Cryogenics Project Manager

Marzio Nessi                          Cryostat Project Manager (CERN)

Elaine McCluskey                  LBNF Project Manager

Jack Fowler                           LBNF/DUNE Systems Engineering