Change Control is the process by which the technical scope, cost and schedule are managed. Change control processes are defined in the LBNF/DUNE​​​​​ Systems Engineering Management Plan (docdb#49).  Baseline change requests are catalogued and managed in the LBNF/DUNE Change Control Tool​ according to the thresholds defined in the Change Control Threshold and Authority Table.  The integrated LBNF/DUNE Change Control Board provides the necessary oversight of changes. For all changes that have impact to the cost or schedule of the DOE baseline, the WBS Control Account Managers (CAM) and/or the LBNF/DUNE-US Project Director must approve.​  The Change Control Flow Chart identifies the process, by which configuration changes are managed. Also note that thresholds above the LBNF/DUNE-US Project Director are depicted in the Thresholds and Authorities Table as they are represented in the draft DOE Project Execution Plan.​

LBNF-DUNE Change Request Process_2020.05.jpg

jolie chart.png