Interim Task Forces set up in March 2015

From the DUNE spokespersons:

"We have formed eleven DUNE task forces, with the main purpose of helping to prepare the high-level Physics/DUNE documents, taking into account recent developments. The task forces will also form the focus of ongoing DUNE activities in the period leading up to the July review... We selected convenors with the experience to bring this work together rapidly.  After the CD-1 review, the TFs will be replaced by a more extended DUNE working group structure, where we will be aiming to ensure broad collaboration representation and to provide roles for the younger members of our collaboration. "

Far Detector:
    Jim Stewart, Marco Zito

Near Detector and ND Physics:  
    Raj Gandhi, Roberto Petti, Sanjib Mishra

Long-Baseline Oscillation Physics:
    Lisa Whitehead, Thomas Patzak

Nucleon Decay:                          
    Jon Urheim, Josh Klein

Atmospheric Neutrinos:
    Alessandra Tonazzo, Hugh Gallagher
SNB Physics:
    Kate Scholberg, Ines Gil-Botella

Systematics (LBL):
    Dan Cherdak, Elisabeth Worcester

Beam Requirements (for LBL physics)
    Alberto Marchionni, Laura Fields

   Giles Barr, Jacques Marteau

    Andy Blake, Tom Junk

Computing Infrastructure
   Brett Viren, Maxim Potekhin