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Members of the LBNF Project Team (at SURF, 2 December 2015), left to right: D. Montanari, S. Pollak, M. Headley, M. Nessi, T. Lundin, S. DeVries, J. Yacknowitz, D. Pelletier, G. Wray, M. Adamowski, B. Norris, M. Andrews, J. Willhite, L. Taylor, C. Mossey, E. McCluskey, J. Dolph, D. Vardiman.​  Contact information for the entire Project Team is below. 

LBNF Project Organization_with names-14nov.jpg

Project Reporting Structure

February 2017

LBNF Project Team to L4_vertical_with names.jpg

expand Area of Work : Overall LBNF ‎(14)
expand Area of Work : LBNF & DUNE ‎(8)
expand Area of Work : Facilities, Near Site ‎(9)
expand Area of Work : Facilities, Far Site ‎(8)