Alternatives Analysis for LBNF and DUNE
 CD-3a Approve Initial Far Site Construction for LBNF/DUNE
 CERN-FNAL Membrane Cryostat Memorandum
 Configuration Management Plan
 DOE Acquisition Strategy for LBNF (post CD-1 refresh)
 DOE FSO LBNF Real Estate Plan
 DOE Preliminary Project Execution Plan (for CD-3a)
 DOE-SDSTA Lease and Easements for work at SURF
 Environmental Assessment and Signed FONSI
 Fermilab Risk Procedure for Projects
 Hazard Analysis Report
 Integrated Environment, Safety and Health Management Plan
 LBNE CD-0 Mission Need Statement
 LBNF Construction Safety and Health Plan at SURF
 LBNF DOE Space Bank Waiver
 LBNF/DUNE CD-1-R Approve Alternate Selection and Cost Range
 LBNF/DUNE Project Assumptions
 LBNF/DUNE Review Plan
 MOU Between SDSTA and FRA
 Procurement Plan
 Project Management Plan
 Proposals and Design Reports
 Quality Assurance Plan
 Security Vulnerability Assessment Report
 Sustainability Strategy for the LBNE Project
 WBS Dictionary