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 Alternatives Analysis for LBNF and DUNE
 CD-3a Approve Initial Far Site Construction for LBNF/DUNE
 CERN-FNAL Membrane Cryostat Memorandum
 Configuration Management Plan
 DOE Acquisition Strategy for LBNF (post CD-1 refresh)
 DOE FSO LBNF Real Estate Plan
 DOE Preliminary Project Execution Plan (for CD-3a)
 DOE-SDSTA Lease and Easements for work at SURF
 Environmental Assessment and Signed FONSI
 Fermilab Risk Procedure for Projects
 Hazard Analysis Report
 Integrated Environment, Safety and Health Management Plan
 LBNE CD-0 Mission Need Statement
 LBNF Construction Safety and Health Plan at SURF
 LBNF DOE Space Bank Waiver
 LBNF Review Plan
 LBNF/DUNE CD-1-R Approve Alternate Selection and Cost Range
 LBNF/DUNE Project Assumptions
 Procurement Plan
 Project Management Plan
 Proposals and Design Reports
 Quality Assurance Plan
 Security Vulnerability Assessment Report
 Sustainability Strategy for the LBNE Project
 WBS Dictionary