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October DOE Review Prep
Information on the October 2019 DOE Review
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Project Area
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7LBNFAbbreviations & Acronyms ListAmanda WehrliTraining 
0LBNFBudget/Forecast DocumentsAmi C Dave; Christine M. MichaelisFinance (Budget) 
1LBNF, DUNECAM e-NotebookRobert J. O'SullivanProject ControlsTool 
3LBNF, DUNEChange Control SharepointChristine M. MichaelisProject Controls, Systems Engineering 
LBNFChanges to Logging in on Fermi WebsitesHelpComputing 
4LBNF, DUNECharge CodesMary-Ellyn MccollumFinance (Budget), Project AdministrationFNAL (Fermilab) 
LBNF, DUNEConfiguration Management SharepointJack Fowler; Nandhini DhanarajSystems Engineering 
LBNFDaily Field ReportsJoshua WillhiteFar Site Conventional Facilities (FSCF)Far Site (FS)Report 
1LBNF, DUNEDesign ReportsAnne E HeaveyDesign, Report 
10LBNF, DUNEDocDBHelpAnne E Heavey; Amanda WehrliDocument Management, Tool 
3LBNF, DUNEDocDB (Archived LBNE)HelpAnne E Heavey; Amanda WehrliDocument Management, Tool 
LBNF, DUNEDOE HEP Monthly ReportElaine G MccluskeyProject ManagementDOE, Report 
1LBNF, DUNEDOORS NGHelpAnne E HeaveySystems EngineeringTool 
1LBNF, DUNEEDMSJack FowlerCERNDocument Management 
LBNF, DUNEEFIGElaine G MccluskeyProject ManagementGovernance, Meeting, Organization 
3LBNF, DUNEEileen's Transition InformationAmanda Wehrli; Anne E HeaveyComputing, Support, Tool 
2LBNFFacebookContributeLauren BironCommunication, Tool 
1LBNF, DUNEFar Site Interface MeetingsNandhini DhanarajFar Detector (FD), Far Site Conventional Facilities (FSCF), Cryogenics, Systems EngineeringFar Site (FS)Meeting 
1LBNF, DUNEFar Site InterfacesNandhini DhanarajCryogenics, Far Detector (FD), Far Site Conventional Facilities (FSCF), Systems EngineeringFar Site (FS) 
2LBNF, DUNEfBCRHelpAmanda Wehrli; Christine M. MichaelisProject Controls, Systems EngineeringTool 
2LBNFFed Biz OppsJames HohbeinProcurementTool 
2LBNFFermilab Bidding Portal (eBid)Amanda WehrliProcurementTool 
3LBNFFinance SharepointAmi C DaveFinance (Budget) 
LBNFFinancial ReportsChristine M. MichaelisFinance (Budget)Report 
1LBNFFNAL IDs & Computer Accounts for LBNF Sub-contractorsMary-Ellyn MccollumProject AdministrationFNAL (Fermilab)Computing, Contractor 
1LBNFFSCF Action ItemsJoshua WillhiteFar Site Conventional Facilities (FSCF)Far Site (FS)Report 
2LBNFFSCF Project DocumentsJoshua WillhiteFar Site Conventional Facilities (FSCF)Far Site (FS)Document Management, Report 
LBNFFSCF RoadmapJoshua WillhiteFar Site Conventional Facilities (FSCF)Far Site (FS)Document Management, Report 
2LBNFFSCF SharepointJoshua WillhiteFar Site Conventional Facilities (FSCF)Far Site (FS) 
LBNFFunding TrackingAmi C DaveFinance (Budget), Project Management 
1LBNF, DUNEGithubHelpAnne E HeaveyComputing, Document Management, Tool 
LBNFICE Mott MacDonaldJoshua WillhiteFar Site Conventional Facilities (FSCF)Far Site (FS)Contractor 
1LBNF, DUNEImagesAnne E HeaveyCommunication 
4LBNFIndicoHelpMary-Ellyn Mccollum; Cheryl KeatyMeeting 
1LBNFInsurance CertificatesAmanda WehrliProcurement 
LBNFInterface ManagementNandhini DhanarajSystems Engineering 
LBNFInternational AgreementsElaine G MccluskeyProject Management 
1LBNF, DUNEJoint Management Team (JMT) MeetingsCheryl Keaty; Mary-Ellyn MccollumProject ManagementGovernance, Meeting 
6LBNF, DUNELarger Reviews and WorkshopsSetup a SiteAnne E HeaveyMeeting, Review 
1LBNF, DUNELBNCAnne E Heavey; Amanda WehrliGovernance, Organization 
2LBNFLBNF Cost and Schedule Monthly Status ReportsRobert J. O'SullivanProject ControlsReport 
1LBNFLBNF Division and Project PoliciesMary-Ellyn MccollumProject Administration 
1LBNF, DUNELBNF/DUNE Multimedia LibraryContributeAnne E Heavey; Christine M. MichaelisFNAL (Fermilab), Far Site (FS), Near Site (NS)Communication, Design, Science/Physics 
1LBNFLogistics SharepointLadia JakubecLogisticsFar Site (FS) 
2LBNF, DUNEMailing ListsHelpAmanda WehrliTool 
5LBNFMeetings/Reviews CalendarMary-Ellyn Mccollum; Cheryl KeatyProject AdministrationMeeting, Review 
LBNF, DUNEMOU's and SOW's (restricted)Ami C DaveFinance (Budget) 
1LBNF, DUNEMOU's, SOW's & Other Funding DocumentsMary-Ellyn MccollumFinance (Budget) 
1LBNF, DUNENear Site InterfacesNandhini DhanarajBeamline, Near Detector (ND), Near Site Conventional Facilities (NSCF), Systems EngineeringNear Site (NS) 
1LBNFNear Term Procurement ActionsAmanda WehrliProcurement 
3LBNFNew Employee IntroductionAnne E Heavey; Amanda WehrliTraining 
LBNF, DUNEnustoSurf NewsletterAnne E HeaveyCommunication 
LBNFOld LBNE Financial SharepointAmi C DaveFinance (Budget) 
1LBNF, DUNEOrganization ChartsMaxine S Hronek; Cheryl KeatyProject ManagementOrganization 
1LBNFOrganization Charts & Project Management TeamCheryl KeatyProject ManagementOrganization 
LBNFPMB MeetingsMinutesElaine G MccluskeyProject ManagementMeeting 
1LBNFPMG MeetingsElaine G MccluskeyProject ManagementMeeting 
1LBNF, DUNEPrinter Set UpAmanda WehrliFNAL (Fermilab)Training 
2LBNFProcard PurchasesMary-Ellyn MccollumProject Administration, Finance (Budget)FNAL (Fermilab) 
6LBNFProcurement SharepointAmanda WehrliProcurement 
3LBNFProject Administration SharepointMary-Ellyn MccollumProject Administration 
2LBNF, DUNEProject Controls SharepointRobert J. O'SullivanProject Controls 
LBNFProject DirectoryHelpAmanda Wehrli 
LBNFProject Management DocumentsElaine G MccluskeyProject ManagementDocument Management 
LBNFPublic WebsiteAnne E HeaveyCommunication 
3LBNFPurchase Orders (PO) & RequisitionsMary-Ellyn MccollumProject Administration, Finance (Budget)FNAL (Fermilab) 
2LBNF, DUNEQuality Assurance (QA) ManualKevin FaheyQuality Assurance (QA) 
1LBNF, DUNEQuality Assurance (QA) SharepointKevin FaheyQuality Assurance (QA) 
LBNFReliability Projects Meeting MinutesJoshua WillhiteFar Site Conventional Facilities (FSCF)Far Site (FS)Meeting 
1LBNF, DUNERequirements ManagementNandhini DhanarajSystems Engineering 
2LBNF, DUNERequirements TracebackNandhini DhanarajSystems Engineering 
4LBNF, DUNERisk Management and Risk RegisterHelpMohammed ElrafihProject ControlsTool 
1LBNFSURF Integrated Real Estate Team SharepointAmanda WehrliFar Site (FS)DOE, Governance 
1LBNFTeamBinderAmanda Wehrli; Colton B. ClarkFar Site Conventional Facilities (FSCF), ProcurementFar Site (FS)Contractor, Document Management, Tool 
1LBNFTeamBinder GalleryAmanda WehrliFar Site (FS)Tool 
LBNF, DUNETeamcenterHelpTool 
1LBNF, DUNETemplates & LogosAnne E HeaveyDocument Management 
LBNFThird Party Inspection and Test ServicesKevin FaheyQuality Assurance (QA)FNAL (Fermilab), Far Site (FS)Contractor 
1LBNFTravel BulletinsMary-Ellyn MccollumProject AdministrationFNAL (Fermilab)Travel 
1LBNF, DUNETravel CodesMary-Ellyn MccollumProject AdministrationFNAL (Fermilab)Travel 
1LBNFTravel ProceduresMary-Ellyn MccollumProject AdministrationFNAL (Fermilab)Travel 
LBNFTwitterContributeLauren BironCommunication 
2LBNF, DUNEUpcoming Reviews and WorkshopsAnne E HeaveyProject ManagementMeeting, Review 
7LBNFVacation CalendarMary-Ellyn MccollumProject Administration 
LBNFValue Engineering SharepointNandhini DhanarajSystems Engineering