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Project Area
Count= 72
0DUNE35t PrototypeFar Detector (FD)FNAL (Fermilab)Prototypes 
1LBNF, DUNE3D CAD Integration, Far and Near SitesJack FowlerSystems EngineeringFar Site (FS), Near Site (NS)Design 
2DUNEApproved PlotsHelpScience/Physics 
3DUNEAuthorship and Publications Board (APB)Steve KettellDocument Management, Organization, Science/Physics 
1LBNF, DUNEAWD Avis Vehicle Rentals for Rapid City, SD Sep-MayMary-Ellyn MccollumProject AdministrationTravel 
1DUNEBriefsProject ManagementCommunication 
3LBNF, DUNEChange Control SharepointTheresa StonehockerProject Controls, Systems Engineering 
4LBNF, DUNECharge CodesMary-Ellyn MccollumFinance (Budget), Project AdministrationFNAL (Fermilab) 
2DUNECollaboration DatabaseHelpAmanda Wehrli; Maxine S HronekTool 
0DUNECollaboration Resources Board (CRB)Regina RameikaOrganization 
LBNF, DUNEConfiguration Management SharepointJack Fowler; Nandhini DhanarajSystems Engineering 
1DUNEData CatalogHelpComputing, Science/Physics, Tool 
DUNEData Handling (Management)Steven C TimmComputing, Science/Physics 
0DUNEDatabasesNorman BuchananComputing, Tool 
1LBNF, DUNEDesign ReportsAnne E HeaveyDesign, Report 
10LBNF, DUNEDocDBHelpAnne E Heavey; Amanda WehrliDocument Management, Tool 
3LBNF, DUNEDocDB (Archived LBNE)HelpAnne E Heavey; Amanda WehrliDocument Management, Tool 
LBNF, DUNEDOE HEP Monthly ReportElaine G MccluskeyProject ManagementDOE, Report 
1LBNF, DUNEDOORS NGHelpAnne E HeaveySystems EngineeringTool 
DUNEDoxygenHelpComputing, Tool 
2DUNEDUNE at WorkMaxine S Hronek 
1LBNF, DUNEEDMSJack FowlerCERNDocument Management 
LBNF, DUNEEFIGElaine G MccluskeyProject ManagementGovernance, Meeting, Organization 
3LBNF, DUNEEileen's Transition InformationAmanda Wehrli; Anne E HeaveyComputing, Support, Tool 
DUNEExecutive BoardEric B JamesGovernance, Meeting, Organization 
2DUNEFacebookContributeMaxine S HronekCommunication, Tool 
1LBNF, DUNEFar Site Interface MeetingsNandhini DhanarajFar Detector (FD), Far Site Conventional Facilities (FSCF), Cryogenics, Systems EngineeringFar Site (FS)Meeting 
2LBNF, DUNEfBCRHelpAmanda Wehrli; Julian Badillo RojasProject Controls, Systems EngineeringTool 
1LBNF, DUNEGithubHelpAnne E HeaveyComputing, Document Management, Tool 
DUNEHardware Database (HW)Norman BuchananTool 
1LBNF, DUNEImagesAnne E HeaveyCommunication 
3DUNEIndicoHelpMaxine S HronekMeeting 
DUNEInstitution MapMaxine S HronekProject ManagementOrganization 
DUNEInstitutional BoardMaxine S HronekOrganization 
DUNEInteractive Computing ResourcesFNAL (Fermilab)Computing 
LBNF, DUNEInterface ManagementNandhini DhanarajSystems Engineering 
1LBNF, DUNEJoint Management Team (JMT) MeetingsCheryl Keaty; Mary-Ellyn MccollumProject ManagementGovernance, Meeting 
6LBNF, DUNELarger Reviews and WorkshopsSetup a SiteAnne E HeaveyMeeting, Review 
1LBNF, DUNELBNCAnne E Heavey; Amanda WehrliGovernance, Organization 
1LBNF, DUNELBNF Travel Policy for Remote Duty Station EmployeesMary-Ellyn MccollumFNAL (Fermilab), Near Site (NS)Support, Travel 
LBNF, DUNELBNF/DUNE by the NumbersAnne E Heavey; Kurt RiesselmannCommunication 
LBNF, DUNELBNF/DUNE Review PlanSteve KettellProject ManagementReview 
3LBNF, DUNEMailing ListsHelpAmanda WehrliTool 
DUNEManagement TeamMaxine S HronekProject ManagementOrganization 
1DUNEMeetings CalendarMaxine S HronekProject ManagementMeeting 
LBNF, DUNEMOU's and SOW's (restricted)Ami C DaveFinance (Budget) 
1LBNF, DUNEMOU's, SOW's & Other Funding DocumentsMary-Ellyn MccollumFinance (Budget) 
1LBNF, DUNEOrganization ChartsMaxine S Hronek; Cheryl KeatyProject ManagementOrganization 
DUNEPMG MeetingsJanet E. BishopProject ManagementMeeting 
1LBNF, DUNEPrinter Set UpAmanda WehrliFNAL (Fermilab)Training 
DUNEProduction and ProcessingKenneth Richard HernerComputing 
2LBNF, DUNEProject Controls SharepointRobert J. O'SullivanProject Controls 
DUNEProtoDUNE DP Home PageCERNPrototypes 
DUNEProtoDUNE SP Home PageCERNPrototypes 
DUNEPublic WebsiteAnne E Heavey; Maxine S HronekCommunication 
2LBNF, DUNEQuality Assurance (QA) ManualKevin FaheyQuality Assurance (QA) 
1LBNF, DUNEQuality Assurance (QA) SharepointKevin FaheyQuality Assurance (QA) 
DUNERedmine RepositoryHelpComputing, Tool 
1LBNF, DUNERequirements ManagementNandhini DhanarajSystems Engineering 
4LBNF, DUNERisk Management and Risk RegisterHelpMohammed ElrafihProject ControlsTool 
DUNESpeakers CommitteeMaxine S HronekOrganization, Science/Physics 
LBNF, DUNESystems Engineering ReviewsSystems EngineeringReview 
LBNF, DUNESystems Engineering SharepointJack Fowler; Nandhini DhanarajSystems Engineering 
LBNF, DUNETeamcenterHelpTool 
DUNETechnical Board (TB)Eric B JamesGovernance, Organization 
1LBNF, DUNETemplates & LogosAnne E HeaveyDocument Management 
1LBNF, DUNETravel CodesMary-Ellyn MccollumProject AdministrationFNAL (Fermilab)Travel 
DUNETwitterContributeMaxine S HronekCommunication 
2LBNF, DUNEUpcoming Reviews and WorkshopsAnne E HeaveyProject ManagementMeeting, Review 
1DUNEWeekly CalendarMaxine S HronekProject AdministrationMeeting 
2DUNEWikiHelpAnne E HeaveyFar Detector (FD), Near Detector (ND)Tool 
0DUNEYoung DUNEMaxine S HronekOrganization