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This is a true "at work" page for Anne to plan!

Update 8/13/18​
  • DUNE FD TDR starts up September; lessons learned and planning meeting early Sept (TDR editors arranging)
  • DUNE ND and Computing CDRs fall 2018 - DUNE working on plan
  • LBNF and DUNE design documents should employ similar look and feel, structure, etc. to the extent possible.
  •  An uber-volume for overall? (DUNE may not be interested) - arrange meeting with spokes, LBNF leadership, Eric, TDR editors. Also discuss requirements documentation. August/Sept timeframe.

DUNE-LBNF "Ubervolume" ideas

  • An International Physics Program (sim content to section in CDR vol 3​) - DUNE doesn't appear interested in this
  • LBNF/DUNE project strategy (discuss DOE and nonDOE)
  • LBNF/DUNE International organization and responsibilities
  • Advisory and coordinating structures​ (​IAC, RRB, Fermilab, NCG, LBNC, EFIG, etc.)​
  • Overview of LBNF/DUNE schedule

How to discuss DOE vs non DOE contributions

LBNF TDR Struct​​ure

Volume 1: LBNF ​​Project

  • Structure similar to CDR vol 3​ ​
    • Introduction to LBNF  
    • LBNF TDR volumes
      • Roadmap of the LBNF TDR
      • About this volume
    • LBNF project strategy (discuss DOE and nonDOE)
    • LBNF International organization and responsibilities
    • Overview of LBNF schedule
  • LBNF Project Management
    • Project Structure and Responsibilities (with Org chart)​
    • Fermilab
    • SDSTA and SURF
    • CERN
    • Coordination withi​n LBNF
  • ​Technical Overview 
    • (all LBNF subprojects, DOE and nonDOE)

(We can look at DUNE TDR proposed structure to compare.)​

Beamline PDR

Rob's timeline has him (&team) editing in Mar/Apr 2019; first draft ready for LBNC at end of April; plan to use LaTeX in Overleaf; I will migrate existing doc over; I can provide training (can modify from what I did for DUNE) 

  • Similar structure to new CDR (2017); but with care to make it apples-to-apples with DUNE volumes.
  • Merge with previous CDR​: doc 191 is CDR annex 3A; replace nu beam section with docdb 4559
  • Use Overleaf with LaTeX
  • Met with Rob Roser 7 August
    • Identify sources of existing material (CDR plus 2017 update on nu beamline, plus ??)
    • Identify overall scientific editor, if any (Rob)
    • Outline drafting schedule, aiming for draft 1 in Apr 2019 (LBNC review); draft 2 mid-July (for Aug director's review).
  • Need to meet again to 
    • Layout draft structure​ of volume(s) 
    • DOE versus non-DOE contributions - how to handle
    • Identify editors for major sections 
    • Discuss required training for contributors on LaTeX and Overleaf 
    • Identify required supp​orting documents​


Plan agreed to by Josh and Elaine (Tracy now gone, need to present to Doug):

  • Doc 136 has the two 100% prelim design reports (PDR) on BSI and EXC from Arup, plus drawings and other related files.  Arup will deliver the 30%, 60%, etc. final design analogs to this over the next several months. We should have the 100% final in time for CD-2. This will serve as the FSCF TDR.  (If the 100% isn't in, then we point to the latest we have.). No need to rewrite. 
  • However, we may have some sort of LBNF (or LBNF/DUNE combined) introduction/overview volume that will need to include some FSCF info, similar to document 598 (PDR). 
  • Josh took responsibility for the FSCF content in doc 598. He agreed do the same for the TDR.​
  • On review website point to all the accompanying documents as in previews reviews​.


LBNF NSCF: Tom agreed to use LaTeX in Overleaf; it's now migrated to​ (by 10 Aug) and is ready for him. We have not discussed schedule yet. 

From earlier discussion: we'll have updated drawings; CD1-R had taken out deep rigid foundations, was floating. They're back and expanded to dk pipe and service bldg. (not final) updated CDR annex that is consistent with optimized beamline

Cryos​​tats TDR

  • Talk with David next time he is here - he will interface with Marzio
  • a TDR-level doc, plus drawing references

C​​ryogenics Systems TDR

  • Wait to talk to David (as of June 2018); still need design work for LN2 systems; info from LN2 company; David working on the LAr systems; attract partners to take on. LAr systems design has been advancing.

Timeline (from DUNE, initially)

​Get NSCF done in 2018 (Oct) - ask Tom
​Arup will complete its design Dec 2018 - 90% available earlier, pull together quickly Oct 2018
Cryostat: fall 2018 (Marzio, GTT end of 2018, support structure outside done; could be done now.
Cryo systems: talk with David in December; separate cryo into smaller pieces, e.g. volume/annex/chapters

Link: DUNE TDR Schedule on wiki​

early Jan-19: First drafts of all DUNE TDR volumes

Mar-19: TDR internal review (separate for LBNF and DUNE)

Apr-19: Final version of DUNE TDR submitted to the LBNC (indep design reviews for LBNF)

May-19: DUNE cost appendix submitted to RRB Cost Scrutiny Group

May-19: LBNF cost appendix submitted for cost review

Jun-19: Finalize response to questions from LBNC

Jul-19: RRB review of DUNE TDR​

August 2019 - directors review

October 2019 - DOE review (CD 2/3b) baseline and construction approval for FS​​

Supporting/Reference​ Documents

​DOE required docs for CD-2 (iniital guess)

  • HAR
  • QAP
  • SVAR
  • EVMS compliance
  • PEP

Project Planning

  • ESH docs (IESH needs update)
  • Construction safety and health (exists for SURF, need for FNAL)
  • Procurement and CM/GC
  • Project Management docs (PMP needs update)
  • Transition to operations (new)
  • Risk register docs, procedure and workshop reports
Cost & Schedule
  • Cost books
  • Milestones report, etc.
  • critical path schedule, etc.