January 24, 2020

Fermilab - WH13NW Oscillatorium


This is an assessment of the risk to the DP long-term operations from each of the two DP concepts (with and without the ability to visually inspect) in order to determine Fermilab management’s level of risk tolerance for this facility and whether the level of concern is justified. This assessment is needed during the preliminary design phase in order to provide timely input to finalize the preliminary design, cost, and schedule for the baseline design in March 2020. This one-day assessment with both external and internal laboratory managers will evaluate the presented probabilities and impacts of this risk. 

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AECOM Slurry Wall Cost Analysis – Near Site (DUNE DocDB 400)

MI-10 Shallow – Geomembrane Documents for Decay Region (DUNE DocDB 405)

ES and H Comments on Kavazanjian Geomembrane Report (DUNE DocDB 406)

NSCF Conceptual Design Drawings (DUNE DocDB 6527)

NSCF Conceptual Design Geomembrane Consultant Dr. Ed Kavazanjian (DUNE DocDB 14771)

NSCF Main Scope (MS) Decay Region (DK) Alternate Concept Estimate by Patrick Engineers (DUNE DocDB 15619)

NSCF Proposal to Study Alternative Concepts for the Decay Region and the for the Near Detector Complex (DUNE DocDB 15727)

Value Engineering Proposals for the Alternative Decay Region Concepts by AECOM (DUNE DocDB 17592)

Assessment Group

​Mary Convery​FNAL AD
​Don Cossairt​FNAL ESH
​Chris Greer​FNAL ESH
​Steve Holmes​FNAL retired
​Edward Kavazanjian​Arizona State University
​Tracy Lundin​FNAL FESS
​Matt Quinn​FNAL RSO, ESH
​Robert Roser (Chair)​INAL



​Tom Hamernik​LBNF NS Project Manager
​Jonathan Lewis​LBNF Beamline Project Manager
​Elaine McCluskey​LBNF Project Manager