June 15-16, 2016


Building 327


  • review and update all current medium and high ranked risks
  • brainstorm & discuss any new or proposed risks
  • prepare for updated monte carlo analysis to inform risk cost (for DOE-only) and schedule contingency calculations


​Eric James
​Chris Mossey
​Steve Kettell
​Elaine McCluskey
​Jolie Macier
​Mike Headley
​Jim Stewart
​Tracy Lundin
​Jack Fowler
​Doug Pelletier
​Jeff Dolph
​Nandhini Dhanaraj
​Josh Willhite
​Vaia Papadimitriou
​Salman Tariq
​David Montanari
​Marzio Nessi
​Robert O'Sullivan
​Adam Helander
​Mohammed Elrafih
​Greg Wray/Troy Lark
​Mike Andrews

Proposed Pre-Meeting

  • each subsystem reviews all associated risks in the on-line register and makes list of any proposed updates (note, NS updated as possible, understanding present low level of effort)
  • review list with appropriate DUNE & LBNF project leaders
  • for lower ranked risks with modest changes, update risks in the online register
  • for high and medium ranked risks, bring proposed changes to the workshop for discussion and project-wide agreement before updating – we will update in real time at the workshop. Need list of risks to be discussed 1 week ahead of time