​March 28, 2018: 9 AM Central Time (phone call only)

April 3-4, 2018

Sanford Underground Research Facility

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Review Information


​Jim Siegrist
​Associate Director, Office of High Energy Physics
​Mike Procario
​Director of Facilities, Office of High Energy Physics
​Tony Iannacchione
​Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh
​Susan Seestrom
​Advanced Science & Technology Associate Lab Director and Chief Research Officer, Sandia National Laboratory
​Jon Bagger
​Lab Director, TRIUMF
​Nigel Smith
​Lab Director, SNOLAB
​Kem Robinson
​Engineering Division Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
​Kim Sawyer
​Executive Vice President and Deputy Lab Director for Mission Support, Sandia National Laboratory
​Joe Arango
​DOE Site Office Manager, Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory
​Ron Lutha
Federal ​Project Director for FRIB and APS-U, Argonne National Laboratory
​Jill Hruby
​Former Lab Director, Sandia National Laboratory

Review Support Team

​Nigel Lockyer
​Director, Fermilab
​Tim Meyer
​Chief Operating Officer, Fermilab
​Chris Mossey
​Deputy Director, Fermilab
​Elaine McCluskey
​LBNF Project Manager, Fermilab
​Martha Michels
​Chief Safety Officer, Fermilab
​Vanessa Peoples
​Chief Financial Officer, Fermilab
​Po Collins
​Procurement Acquisition Officer, Fermilab
​Robert Tschirhart
​Chief Project Officer, Fermilab
​Erik Gottschalk
​Office of Integrated Planning and Performance Management, Fermilab
​Mike Andrews
​LBNF ES&H, Fermilab
​Mike Bonkalski
​LBNF Operational ES&H/Fire Protection, Fermilab
​Troy Lark
​LBNF Procurement Manager, Fermilab
​Albert Eiffies
​Office of South Dakota Operations, Fermilab
​Amber Kenney
​Deputy Chief Safety Officer, Fermilab
​Kate Gregory
​Special Advisor to the COO, Fermilab
​Randy Ortgiesen
​Assistant Director for Facilities, Fermilab
​Mike Weis
​Fermilab Site Office Manager, DOE
​Mike Headley
​Executive Director, South Dakota Science and Technology Authority and Lab Director, Sanford Underground Research Facility
​Larry Jaudon
​ES&H Director, Sanford Underground Research Facility