The purpose of this review is to evaluate the set of requirements, including interface control documents, and the set of specifications/parameters that follow from the requirements, to determine if they provide the necessary basis for the LBNF far site conventional facilities (FSCF) A/E to begin the main final design. This includes evaluating the sufficiency of the FSCF requirements that are provided by the LBNF cryostat and cryogenics subprojects, along with the DUNE detector project. This is to support the high-level scientific goals and engineering requirements of the overall LBNF/DUNE Project.

The review will also examine the interface documents to assure that points of connection between FSCF and detector/cryogenic systems are clear. In summary, the review will answer the following question:

If the LBNF FSCF are built according to the requirements and associated parameters, along with the documented interfaces, will the facility meet the LBNF/DUNE objectives?

The review will be in following format:

  • Relevant documentation will be provided to the review committee no later than September 2, 2016. On that day, a two-hour kick-off teleconference will be held which will include presentations posted in the agenda.
  • Over the following approximately two weeks, the review committee will study the requirements documentation and interact with the LBNF FSCF team in order to develop an in-depth understanding of the LBNF FSCF requirements and interfaces.
  • The review will conclude with a half-day face-to-face meeting at Fermilab on September 16, 2016, in which the review committee will provide feedback/comments.
  • This review will also be used as a process to freeze the high level requirements: Global objectives, Global Requirements and Far Detector Science and Engineering Requirements. The lower level requirements will be defined as thoroughly as possible.
  • Finally, following the review, the Requirements and Interface Control Documents will be updated as per the Reviewer’s comments and signed-off by the representatives from each sub-project.