August 31 - September 1, 2015


Facilitator Final Report

Purpose of the Risk Management Workshop

The Long Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF) and the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) completed a CD-1 refresh in July 2015.  To achieve the goal of installing the first 10kt detector by 2021-22, the Far Site construction must start in FY2017 so that with the critical path of the far site conventional facilities (FSCF) .  This schedule necessitates a DOE CD-3A review of LBNF FSCF in December 2015, significantly ahead of the overall LBNF/DUNE CD-2 review in December 2019.

In preparation for FSCF CD-3A approval, and recognizing that this portion of the project is moving towards essentially baselining the cost, schedule and scope in October 2015, the LBNF/DUNE Far Site management team will conduct a focused risk management workshop on the Far Site risks; specifically for the waste handling systems, 4850L excavation and cavern construction, building and site infrastructure, as well as requirements from and interfaces to the cryostat, cryogenic systems, and far detector .  The risk management workshop will focus on updating risk assessments of existing risks and identification of any new risks to improve cost/schedule contingency models. 

The time available for the workshop is limited.  Therefore, participants will be asked to review existing risks and risk assessments prior to attending the workshop.  The workshop will focus on revising risk assessments, improving mitigation plans and identifying any new risks that may have arisen as the design has rapidly progressed.  Additionally, the workshop will seek to communicate any enterprise-level risks, which may be outside of the Far Site project scope, but are important to the Fermilab leadership.


Workshop Structure and Approach

The LBNF/DUNE Far Site CD-3A risk management workshop is scheduled for August 30 and September 1, 2015.  The workshop will consist of an overview of the project scope, the risk management system, risk awareness training and a de-biasing exercise for the project team, and subsystem breakout sessions on risk assessment and mitigation. 

This is a workshop, not an external peer review, bringing together appropriate LBNF/DUNE Far Site project team members and a small group of experienced external experts to assess and mitigate the major risks that influence cost and schedule estimate uncertainties for the project scope.  The workshop will include assessment and mitigation planning for existing risks and, as time allows, identification of previously unidentified risks. 


Expected Outcomes

The workshop is intended to provide real-time improvements to the risk registries and contingency models in terms of their completeness, accuracy, and the quality of their contribution to the overall estimate of Far Site contingency needs.  Detailed risk assessments will be updated.  Mitigation plans will be reviewed and possibly revised.  New risks resulting from updated designs, technical and managerial interfaces, or other sources will be added to the registry.



​Institution/Project Role


​Keith Molenaar
​University of Colorado

​LBNF/DUNE Project Management Team

​Chris Mossey
​LBNF Project Director
​Elaine McCluskey
​LBNF Project Manager
​Jim Strait
​LBNF Project Scientist
​Mike Headley
​Far Site Facilities Manager
​Bob O'Sullivan
​LBNF Project Controls Manager
​Jeff Dolph
​LBNF System Engineer
​Mike Andrews
​Tracy Lundin
​LBNF Conventional Facilities Manager
​Josh Willhite
​LBNF FSCF Deputy Manager
David Vardiman​​LBNF FSCF Excavation Engineer
​Barry Norris
​LBNF Cryogenics and Cryo Systems Manager
​Eric James
​DUNE Technical coordinator
Jim Stewart
DUNE Far Detector Manager
​Russ Rucinski
​DUNE FD Project Mechanical Engineer
​Lucas Taylor
​FNAL Risk Manager
​Adam Helander
​LBNF CF Project Controls Specialist


​Erik Gottschalk
​Fermilab Integrated Planning and Performance Management
​Mark Kaducak
​Fermilab Office of Project Support Services
​Amber Kenney​Fermilab ES&H Section
​Mike Bonkalski​Fermilab ES&H Section

​Note Taker

​Mohammed Elrafih
LBNF/DUNE Risk Support