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LBNF/DUNE FS Interface Meeting

​​​​​​August 23-24, 2017

Sanford Laboratory
Lead, South Dakota

SURF Education and Outreach Building

Please register for this meeting at the link on the left.

Remote Connection Information


Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Dial Toll Number: +1 646-558-8656 or +1 408-638-0968

International numbers are available:

Enter the 10-digit Meeting ID, 630 840 2193 followed by "#" ​


​Home Institution

​Project Area

​Mike Andrews​​
​Paul Bauer
​Olga Beltramello
​CERN​Cryo Infrastructure
​Emily Collett​​FNALFSCF
​Syd DeVries​LBNL​FSCF
​Kevin Fahey
​Jack Fowler
​Vic Guarino
​Mike Headley
​Eric James
​Mike Johnson
​Steve Kettell
​Tracy Lundin
​Jolie Macier
​Elaine McCluskey
​Dimitar Mladenov
​CERN​Cryo Infrastructure
​David Montanari
​FNAL​Cryo Infrastructure
​Chris Mossey
​Marzio Nessi
​CERN​Cryo Infrastructure
​Doug Pelletier
F​ilipp​​​o Resnati​​CERN​Cryo Infrastructure
​Terri Shaw
​Jim Stewart
​Al Stratman
​David Vardiman​SDSTA​FSCF
​Josh Willhite​FNAL​FSCF
​Roy Woodward​​FNAL​FSCF