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​Considerations for cryostat membrane materials storage underground​

  • Fire/life safety hazards, regulations, constraints
  • Crate material - experience at protoDUNE vs. ICARUS
  • Fire characteristics of the material - safety data sheets?
  • Storage capacity underground on top of the cryostat frame
  • What needs to go into CERN supply contracts for this?
  • Next steps?
Mike Andrews, Marzio Nessi

Utilities needed by cryo and FD during installation and operations - what is needed in the chamber pit (below 4850L)? What should be in the requirements document?

discussion slides​

Tracy Lundin



​SP Cryostat penetration interfaces​

  • Review penetration location design status and timeframe for finalizing
  • Review interface points for feedthroughs - what is whose responsibility between cryostat, cryogenic systems, and FD?
Jack Fowler

​Control and data acquisition spaces confirmation​ - discussion slides​

  • Confirming what is in FSCF scope and will be conveyed to Arup
  • Info from SDSTA on timeframe for understanding potential for surface common experimental and facility control spaces
  • Discussion of timeframe (and documenting such) for deciding final DUNE control and data acquisition space needs
Tracy Lundin, Mike Headley, Eric James

Lunch (out: TBD or on our own)


Mezzanine ancillary items (Break as needed)

discussion slides​

  • Confirming who controls the structure layout and how this can be incorporated into the CAD model and interface drawings
  • Confirming load/interface support points and what is in the FSCF requirements
  • Scope gap: fire protection/suppression and lighting below the mezzanine.
    • Setting the requirements on lighting - FD?
    • Understanding requirements for fire protection/suppression
    • When would this need to be installed in the sequence of work
  • Pathways under the mezzanine
    • need to define the requirements for this (who needs to go where and when)
    • communicate to cryo & FD teams planning utilities and access under mezzanine
    • how to show on CAD model
Jack Fowler, Josh Willhite, Elaine McCluskey, David Montanari

Transition from cryostat to FD install

discussion slides​

  • What temporary utilities or supports might be left behind by cryostat installers from which FD could benefit? 
    • Lights?
    • Ventilation?
    • Access platforms?
    • Power?
  • What agreements are needed to ensure such items are left? Are ICDs enough?
Jim Stewart

​Planning tomorrow's session

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​Planning for working with hire-in-process FS Logistics Manager

  • What inputs do we want to update from the Aug-15 Logistics Plan?
  • Orientation to project includes meeting with/starting to work with specific teams - who are they?
  • What specifically do we want from FSL manager in 1st 6 months?
Elaine McCluskey
09:00Mike Andrews
09:30Marzio Nessi



​Planning for partner contracts for work at SURF

  • What contracts will partners have for work at SURF?
  • What elements do partners' contractual terms & conditions need to cover for work specifically at SURF? e.g., access procedures, safety, tools, working conditions, documentation needed for work?
  • Will site visits during proposal periods be routine/expected? How will this be accommodated during excavation and other construction work? Are there electronic means (shooting a video?) that could accomplish this? 
  • What support services are expected/needed from LBNF to support these activities?
Elaine McCluskey

​Planning next 6 months' interface meeting schedule

  • Oct/Nov?? Cryostat-SP penetration layout signoff meeting
  • late Sep/early Oct?? Arup/CMGC final design kickoff meeting with FD & cryo stakeholders​
  • Coordinate with LBNC 24-26 October?
  • Coordinate with DUNE collaboration meeting?
    • 29 Jan-1 Feb at CERN
    • 15-18 May at Fermilab
  • Schedule specific opportunities at one-month intervals in various locations? 
Elaine McCluskey

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