Doc​ument​​In DUNE DocDB
​Detector's Cavern Profile
DocDB 136
​P&IDsDocDB 212
​Ross Shaft Requirements
DocDB 328
​Detector's Cavern Lifting Eyes Grid
DocDB 464
​LBNF-DUNE Far Site Interface Control Documents
DocDB 110
Warm Vessels (final design Aug 2017) ​​
​Requirements: Design, layout and dimensionsEDMS 1834010​
​Structural analysis and modelsEDMS CERN-0000173554
​ScheduleEDMS 1835374
CAD files: 3D models and drawings ​​
​Layout drawingsEDMS CERN-0000181520
​3D modelsEDMS CERN-0000181514
​Production drawingsEDMS CERN-0000181517
​Penetrations layoutEDMS CERN-0000181515
​Mezzanine models and drawingsEDMS CERN-0000181519
​CF models (cavern and infrastructure)EDMS CERN-0000181518
Production: Project details ​​
​Mechanical qualification testsEDMS CERN-0000153261
​Material procurementsEDMS CERN-0000153261
​Warm vessel installationEDMS CERN-0000153261
​PicturesEDMS CERN-0000153258​