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Central Utility Cavern Discussion Topics

  • CUC footprint clashes
  • Nitrogen dewar storage locations in CUC 
  • Number of Electrical Drops for welding and small tools and their locations
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​Lunch (on your own)

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Mezzanine Discussion Topics

What is fairly well determined: 

  • Mezzanine length & width
  • Mezzanine offset from cavern walls
  • Layout of cryo equipment on mezzanine. Note interferences with HVAC.
  • Location of monorails and suspended hoists. Note interferences with HVAC.
  • Grating on top of mezzanine should be removable; open or closed pattern to allow air flow?
  • Lifting eye locations, septum and mezzanine, with 10 metric ton capacity. Note inevitable clash with HVAC.
  • Spreader bar to be designed/provided by Cryostat
  • Clear definition of what’s needed for the cryostat to start construction – power, lights, HVAC, monorails, concrete slabs, etc.

What is assumed but could change:

  • Assumed location & spacing of hanging rods to support mezzanine. Is horizontal clearance adequate?
  • Layout of cryo piping under mezzanine
  • SP rack layout
  • Locations of cryo penetrations in cryostat top to which pipes are routed
  • Base assumption for rack cooling; where does CF provide chilled water?
  • Height above rock septum

What is to be determined:

  • Means of support for and means to access FD racks on a platform (by TBD) under mezzanine at top of intermediate cryostat crossbeam level
  • Depth of mezzanine structure (CERN to start design soon)
  • Code requirements? 
    • Clear space between bottom of deepest beam and top of cryostat steel frame, presently assumed at 7'-0". Clear zone includes no piping.
    • Location of, and responsibility for, fire suppression (sprinklers) and fire detection underneath mezzanine
  • Location of and responsibility for lighting under mezzanine
  • Number of Electrical Drops for welding and small tools and their locations
  • Bridge design between rock and cryostat – what does CF assume for connection and loading?
  • Discuss the Final Design kick-off meeting and get input on cryo and DUNE participation.  We currently assume David Montanari, Marzio, and Jim Stewart will present key interface info, but will do so remotely.
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​Discussions continue as needed

Detector Rack Cooling

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