​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​August 13-16, 2018​​​​​​

​SURF E&O Building​​​


Payment of $35.00 includes lunches, breaks, and administration fee.


There will be a catered lunch served on August 14 & 15.

Please advise Jodi Campbell (jodic@fnal.gov)​ if you have food allergies or dietary restrictions.





​​​​​Scott Lungren​​​KAJV
​Kelly Mills​KAJV
​Alex Brandt​​​KAJV
​Jon Hurt​Arup
​Adam Finkin​Arup
​Ankit Desai​Arup
​Gordon Carrie​Arup
​Chris Hickey​Arup
​Eric Guerra​​Arup
​David Vardiman​​​SURF
​Syd De Vries​LBNF
​Doug Pelletier​LBNF
​Adam Helander​LBNF
​Mike Andrews​LBNF
​Kevin Fahey​LBNF
​Josh Willhite​LBNF