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FSCF Design Requirements/Parameters Meeting

August 10, 2015


Lead, South Dakota

FSCF final design items to be finalizedElaine G Mccluskey8/10/2015 4:52 PM
LBNF public web siteAnne E Heavey8/4/2015 12:00 PM

​Here's a link that can go anywhere.

Test documentAnne E Heavey8/4/2015 11:59 AM

​Do you need a column like this?

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collapse Date (MT) : 8/10/2015 ‎(16)
08:00Intro - Meeting Purpose  - Format
Elaine McCluskey
08:15LBNF Design StatusJosh Willhite
09:00Discussion - Detector Cavern Parameters
Facilitator: Jeff Dolph
10:15Discussion - Central Utility Cavern
Facilitator: Jack Fowler
11:00Discussion - Access and Egress Drifts
Facilitator: Tracy Lundin
13:00Discussion - West and South Drifts
Facilitator: Jim Stewart
13:30Discussion - Shaft utilities
Facilitator: David Vardiman
14:00Discussion - Shaft transportation capacities & clearances
Facilitator: Barry Norris
14:30Discussion - Cryogenic Support Building & Filling Area
Facilitator: Russ Rucinski
15:15Discussion - Surface Storage & Assembly Spaces
Facilitator: Syd Devries
15:45Discussion: Other parameters
Facilitator: Mike Headley
16:15Summary  and Next Steps
Elaine McCluskey