August 13 - September 16, 2015

Hatch Mott MacDonald review of FSCF 100% Preliminary Design developed by Arup, USA.


  1. Do the design concepts appear reasonable for each component of the facility?
  2. Do you see any opportunities for streamlining or making the design more efficient?
  3. Does the concept of phased excavation/isolation of activities appear reasonable.
  4. Are there any interfaces that seem to be undefined and/or unclear?
  5. Are the requirements provided by the users appropriate and clear enough, and are these requirements satisfied by the design?
  6. Is the degree of progress consistent with 100% PD?
  7. Are there any follow-up comments to the ARUP responses from the 30% Design Review?

The Design Documents

The Review Report

Reviewers (all with HMM)

​Michael Vitale
​Project Director
​Ben DiFiore
​Project Manager, Constructability and Cost Estimator
​Colin Lawrence
​Constructability and VE
​Donald Wotring
​Initial Support, Rock Mechanics
​Building, Site, and Infrastructure (BSI)
​David Newman
​BSI Team Lead
​Djoko Corovic
​Electrical/Communications Lead
​Robyn Korenic
​Obrad Aleksic
​Nima Eslaminasab
​Mechanical/HVAC/Plumbing Lead
​Kevin Stendis
​Mechanical and HVAC