1. ​Funding/Obligations/ Cost plan timephased for the project.  I expect we will hear how the CR has impacted the project during the plenary session.
  2. Provide a report showing Budget and Actuals by WBS
  3. Provide a report that compares the cost estimate from CD1 refresh to CD3a at control account level  summarized  by WBS
  4. Staffing/FTE Reports by Resource by FY
  5. Describe approach for Core Costing
  6. Have you started to practice EV?  How do you monitor/status ongoing work.

​Please see -

Cost/Schedule Answers

Cost and Schedule

​I was wondering if these two documents are available:

  1. Golder, (2010), Final Report – Geotechnical Engineering Services In-Situ Stress Measurement Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory, Prepared for SDSMT.
  2. Agapito Associates Insitu Stress Test Report, August 5, 2014. Reference (for some reason) not included in ARUP 100% PDR Reference list

​Yes, you can find the documents here -

  1. Golder In Situ Stress Report
  2. Agapito Associates In Situ Stress Test Report (starts on pg 699)
Far Site CF

​Post the Schedule Analysis, developed from the schedule analysis tool, FUSE.

​The Analysis can be found here -

Schedule Analysis

Cost and Schedule

What drives the CD-3a scope? Schedule slide shows site prep in the 3a box but this is not included in CD-3a scope. Answer: available funding and need to get to cryostat going in 2021-2022?  

How is the relative scope of 3a vs rest of project handled as funding is allocated yearly? What?s the process? 

Why is escalation the highest risk and not availability of DOE funding?

I don?t understand the numbers of 34% contingency compared to CD-3a scope of $219M base and $83M  contingency, which is more like 38%. Clarified in response to question. 34% is for total project

Any road improvements in 3a scope e.g. to and within Ross area? 

Is there backup power anywhere in BSI or underground 3a scope?

Are life safety and other safety systems (oxygen monitoring, communications, controls, fire etc) all part of the CD-3a scope? Where are these requirements captured? 


What is the preferred order of filling the caverns? Is it 1,2,3,4 or something different?

There is an interface drawing that shows the relationship between the cavern dimensions and the cryostat dimensions. The KPPs reference the fiducial mass, which strictly speaking, will not be known until significant data analysis is complete. It would be useful to include a drawing showing the relationships between cavern, cryostat and assumption for obtaining 10 kT fiducial mass, to indicate there is significant headroom.

Double bagging or triple bagging? Bug bag(outermost) removed before moving into transition and laydown. Second bag cleaned and removed. Then final bag removed in clean area.

Do you assume 2nd cavern available for laydown space while doing 1st cavern?

What surface computing is assumed and where is it located? Answer: still to be defined.

How much power contingency? do you have at this stage of the design?

Far Detector
Discuss responses to previous review recommendations


​Post the data used to create the Funding/Obligation/ Expenditure graph.

Cost and Schedule