May 28-29, 2015



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The Committee is to conduct a design review of the DUNE Near Detector to assess the status and adequacy of the conceptual design.  This is an external review to assess the DUNE Near Detector design and determine if it is at a state commensurate with that needed for a DOE Critical Decision 1 (CD-1) review that is planned for later this year.  This review is expected to focus primarily on the technical design whereas the DOE CD-1 review will also cover cost, schedule, and management.



​Nikolai Andreev
​Mark Bowden
​Fermilab​DAQ & Electronics
​Leslie Camilleri
​Brendan Casey
​Fermilab​Straw Tube Tracker
​Dmitri Denisov - Chair
​Fermilab Muon ID (RPCs)
​Giuseppe Gallo
​Fermilab​Straw Tube Tracker, Muon ID (RPCs)
​Mark Messier
​Vadim Rusu
​Fermilab​DAQ & Electronics
​Bob Wands