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Conceptual Design of Cryogenic System for LAr-FD, 34 kton at 4850
Preliminary Argon Condenser Sizing and Datasheet
Ross Shaft - Gas Transfer Pipe Layout
Cryogenics Piping in Ross Shaft
Cryo Equipment Layout Data for LBNF 4850-FD
Cryogenics LN2 Refrigeration
Surface LN2 and LAr Vaporizers
Regen Blower Drawing and Quote
Purification Filter Data Sheets and Quotes
Particulate Filter Vessel Drawing
H2 Generator
Cryogenics Valve and Instrumentation Lists
Pressure Transducers for Cryogenic System
Cryostat Pump Reference Material
Purification Filter Information
LBNF Purification Filter Sizing
Liquid Argon Detector Drawings and Illustrations
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LAr-FD Process Instrumentation Diagrams (PID)
LBNF Argon Mass and Energy Balances
Operation Feasibility, Membrane Cryostat, 50 mbarg Design Pressure
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Pressure Rise Rate of the Cryostat with 5% Ullage
Seismic Considerations - Cryostat Ullage Check
LAr-FD Preliminary ODH Assessment
Membrane Cryostat Failure Rate Information
ODH in Cavern Risk Discussion Slides
OXYSORB, Copper O2 Getter Data and Comparison