This page is the hub for the Physics Volume of the CDR preparation effort, spring 2015

The new CDR 2015 Physics volume will be done in LaTeX. The files are available at under the folder "volume-physics.

Targeted Review of CDR vol 2: Physics

SectionPage target​Curr pg count
Responsible Author​Reviewer​Notes or Special Review Instructions
​Due Date
Volume 2 (entire)

​90André/Mark​May 1 (for all)
Ch1: Overview (sec 1.2)
1​emptyAndré/Mark​Carl Albright, Silvia Pascoli
​sec 1.1 boilerplate, sec 1.2 not there yet 4/23
Ch 2: LBNF/DUNE Scientific Goals3​emptyAndré/Mark​Carl Albright, Silvia Pascoli
Ch 3: Long-baseline Neutrino Oscillation Physics~25 total​52Lisa/Thomas + Mary
(Anne reviewed)
​(Anne reviewed wk of May 4)
​None of Ch 3 will be ready before deadline
3.1 Context2​2Lisa/ThomasAlessandra Tonazzo, Jose Valle
​3.2 Expected Event Rate and Sensitivity
​10Lisa/ThomasAlessandra, Xin Qian, Kevin McFarland
3.3 Mass Hierarchy5​8Lisa/Thomas ​Kate Scholberg, Djurcic
3.4 CPV 102
Lisa/Thomas ​Costas Andreopoulos and Antonio Palazzonot there yet 4/23
​3.5 Prec Osc Parameter Measurements
​?​9Lisa/Thomas​Katarzyna Grzelak and David Schmitznot there yet 4/23
3.6 Testing the 3-flavour paradigm3​3.5 Lisa/ThomasAlessandra, Jose Valle
not there yet 4/23
3.7 Beam Requirements34
Alberto/LauraAlessandra, Heidi Schellman, Silvestro Di Luise
3.8 Far and Near Detector Requirements2​2.5 Lisa/Thomas ​Heidi Schellman, Kevin McFarland, Silvestro Di Luise
not there yet 4/23
3.9 Beam systematic errors and near detector requirements (changed to: Effect of systematic uncertainties)
3​11.5Dan/Elisabeth/Sanjib/Roberto​Alfons W, Mike Shaevitz, , Silvestro Di Luise
Ch 4 Nucleon Decay and Atmospheric nus~10 total​10 Jon/Josh
4.1 Nucleon Decay5​6Jon/Josh + Takuya​Vitaly Kudryatsev, David Schmitz
4.2 Atmospheric Neutrinos3​3Hugh/Alessandra​John Losecco, Grzelalk
4.3 Indirect Search for WIMPS
2​.5 Jae Yu
​John Losecco, Fernando Torres
4.4 Detector Requirements
 2​empty Maury Goodman
​4.5 Proton Decay and Atm Nu Requirements
Ch 5 Supernova Neutrino Bursts and low energy neutrinos~10 total15 Kate/Ines​Georg Raffelt and Bob Svoboda
5.1 Overview1​4Kate/Ines​Bob Svoboda
5.2 Neutrino Physics and other Particle Physics
3​6Kate/InesBob Svoboda​more to come 4/23
5.3 Astrophysics3​1Kate/InesBob Svoboda
5.4 Detector Requirements (switched to 5.5)
1​2.5Kate/Ines​Maury G, Alex Friedland
not there yet 4/23
5.5 Additional  astrophysical neutrinos (5.4)
1​2Kate/Ines​Fernando Torres, Alexander Friedland
not there yet 4/23
Ch 6 Near Detector Physics 5​~8Sanjib, Roberto, Raj​Vittorio Paolone, Gina Rameika
​6.1 Physics Goals
6.2 Role of ND in Osc Physics
​6.3 Prec Measurements at ND
​6.4 New Physics Searches
​6.5 Summary
​1 pgrph
​Sanjib​discussed with Sanjib 4/18; not there yet 4/23
Ch 7 Summary of Physics3​empty?​Carl Albright, Silvia Pascoli