This page is the hub for the Near Detector CDR preparation effort, spring 2015.

Targeted Review of CDR vol 4: Detectors (ND portions)

Near Detector chapter

​Portion to review
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​Ch 7 ND Ref Design

Sanjib, Raj, Roberto​Brajesh Choudhary and Mike Kordosky, Gina Rameika
​Sec 7.1 Near Detector Systems (overview-like)
​Sec 7.2 ND Ref FGT

​Sanjib, Raj, Roberto, Bill
​Sec 7.3 Matching requirements
​Sec 7.4 Adding LAr Detector
​Sec 7.5 ND Ref BLM
​Sec 7.6 ND Ref Hadron Prod
​Sec 7.7 ND Ref DAQ & Computing
​Hans, Bill
​Sec 7.6? ND Alternatives

​Sec 9.6 ND Prototyping

​Sanjib, Vipin
​?​emptyGina Rameika
​Sec 9.7 ND BLM Prototyping Plan

​Geoff​?​3.5Gina Rameika

The source for the detailed document (now called an "annex") was moved on March 30! It is now at in the folder annex-nd. Please follow the instructions at to reclone the repository.

Note Apr 6: I have now separated the different sections of the ND Reference design chapter for the 2015 CDR into individual files:

Under DUNE/cdr/volume-detectors find:

  • the file chapter-nd-ref.tex (it now contains a list of input commands)
  • figures directory
  • the folder nd-ref-sections

Under this folder find:

These are the files each of you will use for your portion of the summarized CDR text. 
To compile the volume, run pdflatex on chapter-nd-ref.tex, i.e., run: pdflatex chapter-nd-ref

If you identify with this statement: "ACCKKK! I DON'T KNOW LATEX!" then contact Anne.

Status and notes for contributors

Thurs 4/8:

  • annex still waiting on BLM and External measurements info from Geoff; otherwise edited and ready
  • CDR chapter for ref design, FGT & phys from Sanjib, Roberto, Raj (probably nothing till week of 4/13)
  • Bill was going to get in touch with Ereditato for alts, what about DAQ?

Wed 3/18:

  • Bill wants all contributions by Monday, 3/23 at noon
  • All files have the figure and table formats fixed and are ready for people to download and edit.
  • A figures directory is now there; you can add figures. Please see Graphics Standards (linked at left)
  • Waiting for Bill L to respond about differences between versions of files; plus I never even got the later version!
NND chapter 3Apr2015 - PDF.pdf
FGTFile prep'd for contributor
Anne E Heavey4/8/2015 6:10 PM
FGTContribution ND
Anne E Heavey3/25/2015 12:00 PM
n/aContribution ND
Anne E Heavey3/4/2015 1:01 PM
Anne E Heavey2/9/2015 3:05 PM

ND-related links:

Responsible Persons for ELBNF ND CDR Volume

Overall: Bill L

1. Mills - chapter that describes the BLM system; ~2-3 pages plus figures

2. Mauger - chapter that describes CAPTAIN and mentions that it can be
deployed upstream of the FGT; ~2-3 pages plus figures

3. Berns - sections on NND DAQ and NDS DAQ; ~1 page each with figures

4. Lee & Boissevain - section on NND electronics; ~1 page with a figure or two