This page is the hub for the Far Detector CDR preparation effort, spring 2015.

Targeted Review of CDR vol 4: Detectors, Chapters 4, 5, 6, 8, 9

Far Detector chapters, Reference and Alternate Designs

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​Portion to review
​Section author/"owner"
​sugg pg count
​curr pg count
​Notes or Special instructions​Reviewer
​Due date
Ready for Ed. Bd. review?
​Ch 4 FD Ref Design
​Jim Stewart
​coherence, completeness
​Dario Autiero (whole chap)

​May 1 for all
​Sec 4.1 Overview
​2​2not  much to review
​Michelle Stancari, Gabriel Perdue, Tom Coan

​Sec 4.2 FD Ref TPC
​Bo Yu
​Vic Guarino, David Adams

​Sec 4.3 FD Ref DAQ
​Giles Barr
​5​4​Amir Farbin, Gabriel Perdue, Clark McGrew

​Sec 4.4 FD Ref CE
​Bob Hackenburg
​3​3​Gary Drake, Milind D
​Sec 4.5 FD Ref Photon
​Norm Buchanan
​3​3.5still has 'fixmes' to be addressed 4/23
Steve Kettell, Zelimir Djurcic, Carlos Escobar

​Sec 4.6 FD Ref Inst&Comm
​Joe Howell/Jack Fowler
​3​3​Steve Kettell, Maury G

​Ch 5 FD Alt Design
​Dario Autiero, Marco Zito
​Tim Bolton
​Sec 5.1 Overview
​?​5​3.5​Tim Bolton, Mitch Soderberg

​Sec 5.2 Configuration
​(part of the 5?)
​Sec 5.3 FD Alt Charge Readout
​Sebastien, Shuoxing, Dario
​5​9​Mark Convery, Michael DuVernois

​Sec 5.4 FD Alt Field Cage, HV
​Franco, Dario
​5​3​Tim Bolton, Sebastien Murphy

​Sec 5.5 FD Alt Elec, Chim, DAQ
​Dario, Franco, Jacques
​5​8​Gary Drake, Rick Van Berg

​Sec 5.6 FD Alt DCS, DSS
​Cosimo, Sebastien
Erik Blaufuss, Kurt Biery

​Sec 5.7 FD Alt light readout
​Dario, Ines, Thomas
​2​3​Zelimir Djurcic, Alex Himmel, Carlos Escobar

​Sec 5.8 FD Alt Inst&Comm
​Dario, Marco, Guido
​2​2.5​Jack Fowler, Michael DuVernois

​Ch 6 Synergies
​Richard Kriske, Bill Louis

​Ch 8 S/W and Computing
​Brett, Maxim, Elisabetta

​8.1 Computing Infrastructure
​5​6Mark  Convery, Amir Farbin

​8.2 Physics S/W
​5​7Mark  Convery, Gary Barker

​Ch 9 Prototyping
​Cat James, Jen Raaf

​9.1 Overview
​Cat James (5/7)
​9.2 35 ton
​Mark, Michelle, Alan
​55Cat James, Jen Raaf
​9.3 CERN single-phase
​Thomas K
​5​3.5Cat James, Jen Raaf
​9.4 WA105
​Dario, Sebastien
​5​6Cat James, Jen Raaf
​9.5 Connections to Short-Baseline at FNAL
​Cat James​3​empty​Dave Schmitz

Structure of DUNE/cdr/volume-detectors repository for FD:

The different sections of the FD Reference design chapter for the 2015 CDR are separated into individual files. Under DUNE/cdr/volume-detectors find:

  • the file chapter-fd-ref.tex (it now contains a list of input commands)
  • figures directory
  • the folder fd-ref-sections

Under this folder find:

These are the files each of you will use for your portion of the summarized CDR text.

For the Far Detector, several documents are expected to be submitted for the CD-1-"Refresh" review:

Working Assumptions/Questions for Costing Purposes

(from J.Stewart; discussed at March 2nd FD meeting)

For the purposes of generating a US cost basis the following assumptions will be used. This cost estimate will be used to establish the cost range to the DOE. It is expected this will be an input to the possible US contributions to the ELBNF effort.

  • The schedule will reflect activities in detail for a single 10 kt detector (docdb 3383 single 10kt)
    • Nominal 10kt detectors will be constructed.
    • Final experiment will consist of 4 identical detector.
    • Project controls will cut paste the schedule to generate 40kt from the 10kt estimate.
  • The CERN test experiment will take place with 3 APAs. Time scale TBD.
  • The first detector will be ready to install in the 2021 time frame.
  • All costs will be US costs. Cost sharing will be done by project controls to fit the funding profile.
  • Crown height 10m.
Chapter 9 IntroductionContribution FD
Anne E Heavey5/11/2015 10:54 AM
Chapter 9Contribution FD
Catherine C James4/30/2015 2:57 PM
prototypesContribution FD
Catherine C James4/30/2015 10:10 AM
Anne E Heavey2/9/2015 3:05 PM

FD-related links:

Responsible Persons for DUNE CDR Volume 4

Overall: Eric James & Andre Rubbia

FD ref chapter: Jim Stewart + TF

FD alt chapter: Dario and Marco

Responsible Persons for Update to 2012 LBNE FD CDR Volume

  • Overall: Jim Stewart
  • Detector Requirements and Performance: Tom Junk
  • DAQ: Giles Barr
  • TPC: Bo Yu
  • Installation: Joe Howell
  • Cold Elec: Bob Hackenburg
  • Photon Det: Norm Buchanan
  • Development Plan (35 ton, CERN prototype, parallel devs): Mark Convery + ?