DUNE CDR Editorial team:

  • Spokespersons (Mark and Andre)
  • Technical Coordinator (Eric)
  • Resource Coordinator (Chang Kee)
  • Anne, Mary B, Maury, Steve K, Kate S

Editorial team meeting

Tuesday May 12

Use Eric's readytalk 8408610

  • Are all the TOCs in good shape?
  • What is plan for LBNC review?
    • What are their deliverables?
    • How is their feedback being coordinated?
  • Check Writing Standards to agree on a few things... e.g.,
    • Don't use LAr-FD, do use LArTPC
    • use FD and ND?
    • detector vs module
    • alternative not alternate
    • dual-phase not double-phase
    • enhanced or optimized beam design?
    • see more on guidelines page
  • Carl and Silvia - time for them to review?
  • Maury has comments for me to incorporate
  • What's still missing
    • vol 1 exec summary
    • vol 2 all there
    • vol 3 did beamline options get in? Remove most of sec 1.3; it's in vol 1. Update sec 1.1.
    • vol 4 all there
  • Anne's plans:
    • Read through rest of vol 2 and vol 4, then vol 1 last
    • Correct things, offer suggestions to make it read better, add fixmes as needed.
    • See bottom of May 6 agenda below.
  • Who to address my fixmes?
  • How do you want finalization to proceed?

Requirements review

  • Requirements spreadsheet in docdb 10873
  • Have they been reviewed by EB and accepted?
  • Structure with objectives, assumptions, requirements, parameters, specifications ok?
  • Should the spreadsheet be a formal annex?
  • How much repetition of reqs in CDR?
  • Steps
    • designate a 'responsible'  for each chapter?
    • same as author or reviewer from tables?
    • Maury to notify?
    • set deadline of Friday?
    • Who to do final check?

Thursday May 7

Anne again proposes agenda (feel free to edit!)

Eric, let's use your readytalk 8408610 again.

  • See "Types of review needed" from May 6 agenda
  • Strategy for access to repository (MAURY TO SEND MESSAGE)
  • For Volumes 2, 3 and 4, call first chapter Executive Summary or Overview? (OVERVIEW) Then Ch 1.1 is still "Introduction to LBNF and DUNE" (if there's a 1.2) and 1.2 would be "Introduction to (the volume)"?
  • Volume 4: Lower level requirements (Mary asks)?
  • Particulars (from Milind):
    • how far is ND from target and why
    • event rate missing from v2 (it's in v4 in S&C)

Wednesday May 6

Proposed agenda items (from Anne)

  • Status of CDR – is anything still outstanding from reviewers/authors?
    • Page counts (see tables); which sections are too long?
      • vol 1 tot 21
      • vol 2 tot 90
      • vol 4 tot 137
    • Is reducing figure size necessary or is it more useful to reduce text and number of figures?
    • Who to reduce — authors or editors?
    • When to tag release for editors?
  • Status of requirements from Milind
    • What review do they need before we use them as a reference for the CDR?
    • Milind is collecting into a single Excel workbook
    • How to coordinate if he continues to update?
    • (LBNE FD requirements are in 3747 — let’s keep DUNE reqs separate)
  • Status of annexes (what's priority?)
  • Types of review needed
    • Overall CDR
      • Message, tone
      • Standardization in structure, presentation and terminology,
      • Clarity, consistency and flow
    • Chapter by chapter
      • Accuracy of content
      • Consistency with requirements
      • Clarity and flow -- at chapter/section level
      • Placement of figures and tables
      • Grammar and spelling (general proofing -- Eileen volunteered)
      • References/Citations
  • Please reference Writing Standards

Brainstorming on review of CDR

Overall review LBNF and DUNE

updated notes June 8 after talking with Jim Strait:

(http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Fonts for my own reference)

  • Vols 2,3,4 all start with Overview which is identical except for the volume-specific 1.2.2 About this Volume, and 1.3 Introduction to (whatever volume is).
    • text font is 12pt computer modern roman
    • heading fonts are computer modern sans serif, bold
      • Chapter headings - about 22 pt
      • Section headings 1.1 - about 19 pt
      • Subsection headings 1.1.1 - about 16 pt
      • Level 4 (not numbered and not in TOC) -- about 14 pt
    • table and figure captions are sans serif; lower case, not bold
    • tables have no vertical separating lines between columns or at borders
    • tables and figures are centered
    • page headers:
      • chapter num and name (left) and page (right) as ch-p, where page runs continuously through volume e.g., 4-98
      • thin line under header; no line above footer
    • page footers: 
      • "LBNF/DUNE Conceptual Design Report" (left), volume number and name (right)
    • tables of contents, figures, tables: sans serif font
    • table of contents numbering: down to n.n.n
  • Numbering of annexes: See Director's review page
  • References: Same font as body text

Notes from May 7 meeting

  • Vol1: Andre, Mark, Eric to work on PM structure and to finish by Tuesday May 12 for LBNC
  • Vol 1: Eric to read sec 3.2 (DUNE description)
  • Vol 1 chap 4: coordinate with PMP (Chang Kee?)
  • Vol 1: move FD descrip out of Strategy chap (sec 5.4.2)
  • Post entire edited CDR May 19
  • Next meeting Tues 12:30 pm CDT (incl same group + Maury, Kate, maybe Elaine)
  • Vol 2: Mary - nd event rate table from sci op; she'll check with Sanjib, Roberto to put in volume 2
  • Vol 2 ND chap needs restructuring - Anne (DONE)
  • Vol 2 overall: Mary has couple things to do then will give to Anne. Maury also looking at vol 2.
  • Vol 2 (and throughout): no first person (Anne)
  • Plan for the review of treatment of requirements in CDR
  • Vol 3: Prep for DUNE review of LBNF portion of CDR
    • Missing beamline options
    • Missing steel cryostat description (coming from CERN)
    • Treatment of project management (move sec 1.3 PM to vol 1 ch 4; leave 1.3.6 WBS here)
    • How to discuss WBS evolution post-CD1-R (idea: give no details)
  • volunteers:

  • Cat wrote intro to prototyping and the connections to SBN
  • Kate
  • Maury
  • Paul Lebrun offers to review
  • Eileen offers to review for grammar/spelling etc.
  • Dario wrote FD alt installation annex
  • Images -- Anne is getting

Notes from May 6 meeting

Mark, Andre, Eric, Steve, Mary, Milind, Anne

Are we ready to create a release for this phase of editing?


  • Bring to EB to get agreement on scientific objectives
  • Change "Secondary" language to "Auxiliary"

Vol 2 Physics:

  • Drop V2 Sec 1.2 (agreed?) DONE (Anne's opinion: after Mark drafts Ch 2, see if there's part of it that can constitute sec 1.2 to maintain parallel structures betw volumes; if not, ok)
  • Mary and Milind: hi-level detector and beam requirements to match req documentation.
  • LBN and PDK not well coordinated? (Mary?)
  • Mary to update exposure vs years issue (remove figs 3.15, 3.21) DONE (in vol1 delta cp do as fnc of yrs, in vol 2 as fnc of exp.
  • Language with p5 in ch 2 - Mary DONE
  • Mark to draft goals V2Ch2 - DONE
  • Mary to draft summary (max 1 page) DONE

Vol 3 LBNF:

  • Find at LBNE docdb 10689 via CDR & Annex Drafts
  • Discuss treatment of proj mgmt, WBS, etc. in V3 with Elaine; square treatment in V4

Vol 4 DUNE:

  • Implementation strategy:
    • V4Ch2 too long; describe fully in Vol 1 (political), include only technical aspects in V4.
  • Proj Mgmt: Steve to draft section for WBS, subsystem managers

Vol 1 Project:

  • Once strategy is determined, document in V1Ch5 (Eric?)
  • Anne/Eric to look for figures for V1Ch3 Technical Designs
    • FD cavern configuration, beam on hill for LBNF
    • Maybe V4 fig 1.1 (3d models of ref and alt FD) and fig 7.1 FGT for DUNE?
  • Andre to include V1 sec 3.2

Follow-up meeting: Thurs May 7 10:30 a.m. CDT