June 23, 2015

​DUNE Collaborators:

The CDR has been finalized for the CD-1-R review. Lots of people worked very hard writing, reviewing and/or editing over the past few months. Thank you all!

Reviewers' comments from the last review period are collected at http://listserv.fnal.gov/archives/dune-cdr.html​

-- the DUNE CDR editorial team

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Draft of CDR Volume 1: Introduction and Executive Summary
Draft of CDR Volume 2: DUNE Physics
Draft of CDR Volume 3: The LBNF Project
Draft of CDR Volume 4: The DUNE Detectors
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Alternate Far Detector Design Installation and Commissioning Details
Annex for DUNE FD: Simulation and Reconstruction

​Tom Junk, Andy Blake

CERN Single-Phase Prototype Detector Proposal
DUNE CDR annex on Data Rates

​Brett Viren, Maxim Potekhin

DUNE Far Detector Reference (single-phase) Design (draft)
DUNE Near Detector Reference Design
LAGUNA-LBNO: Part 1 - Liquid Argon Detectors - Underground Layout, Tank, Instrumentation, Liquid Handling, Safety
LAGUNA-LBNO: Part 2 - Liquid Argon Detectors - 20 kton, 50 kton and PILOT projects
Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment: Exploring Fundamental Symmetries of the Universe
Mary Bishai, Jon Urheim, et al. (see Acknowlegments)
Parameters for Far Detector Reference Design
Progress report on LBNO-DEMO/WA105 (2015)
WA105 (Dual-phase development program) TDR
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LBNF Beamline Design (draft)
LBNF Cryogenics Infrastructure Reference Design

​Barry Norris

LBNF Far Site Conventional Facilities Design
LBNF Near Site Conventional Facilities Design