Welcome to the 2015 CD-1 Prep Working Area

This is an area for managing the activities leading up to the CD-1-Refresh review in July 2015. Here the LBNF and DUNE team will collect content for required documents, keep track of schedules and responsibilities, and conduct general collaborative work.

CDR 2015

Mar 26 update: There will be four volumes:

Vol. 1 – Introduction and Executive Summary
Vol. 2 – Physics
Vol. 3 – LBNF
Vol. 4 – DUNE

Lakshmi Nayar is the technical editor for the Word-based volume: LBNF

Anne Heavey is the technical editor for the LaTeX-based volumes: Physics, DUNE, will help with Vol 1 Intro

More info at CDR START HERE!

Documents for CD-1-"Refresh"

Contacts for documents:

  • 2015 CDR Volumes:
    • Intro/Exec Summary -- Jim Strait, Andre
    • Physics -- Mary B, Mark T
    • LBNF -- Elaine, Marzio
    • DUNE -- Eric J, Andre (strategy: Mark and Andre)
  • 2012 LBNE CDR FD volume -- Jim Stewart
  • 2012 LBNE CDR Beamline -- Vaia
  • 2012 LBNE ND -- Christopher/Bill
  • CERN prototype proposal -- Thomas Kutter

 Milestones & Timeline