Get git and get oriented...

If you plan to access the git repository, you will need to install git and get a GitHub account. There are several sources for downloading the application, e.g., github,, or codeplex. Comprehensive guidance on the use of git and LaTeX is available at

A quick reference is on the right-hand side of this page.
PLEASE take the 20 minutes or so up front that it requires to read through the:
  • Guidance, Getting Started and other sections of information on the GitHub page
  • Standards pages linked at left
  • Then clone the repository and read through the document-guidance tex and pdf files. 



Anne Heavey (, 630-840-8039) is the technical editor for the CDR volumes and may assist with the CERN prototype document. The scientific editors are still TBD.

Brett Viren ( has set up the git repository on GitHub and put some LaTeX "machinery" in place so that it's easy to use and provides consistency. He is also available to help with LaTeX editing problems.

Documents and Repositories

The Physics and DUNE Detector volumes of the 2015 CDR are being done in LaTeX. This is also true for the annex documents on LBNE FD, ND and Cryo info that is undergoing updates, and for the CERN Prototype Proposal.
The files for these volumes are being kept in GitHub repositories
We're documenting LaTeX questions and issues here: LaTeX-hints. This includes migrating from the LBNE repository to the DUNE one.

For LaTeX-challenged contributors:

Helpful Links:

Quick References

---- Git ----

  • Install git (
  • Clone repository (See "Initial Clone" in instructions)
  • General editing procedure
    • cd to directory into which you cloned document
    • git pull
    • (Edit files. Then test that document compiles.)
    • pdflatex volume-x
    • (Fix editing errors and retry until it compiles.)
    • git pull (yes, again, for good measure)
    • (If you have new files, add them.)
    • git add volume-x/new-file.tex
    • git add volume-x/figures/new-image-file.pdf
    • git commit -a -m "some commit message"
    • git push
  • If git pull fails:
    • git stash
    • git pull
    • git stash pop
    • (Fix conflicts, commit and push.)

---- Figures in LaTeX ----

There’s an enviroment defined as cdrfigure, and all you need to do for a figure in your file is fill in the following with the short caption, the label (minus “fig:” at the front), the long caption and then the filename with the appropriate width.


The reference that points to it needs to read Figure~\ref{fig:label} (i.e., with the fig:)

---- Tables in LaTeX ----

For tables, it’s similar:

Header Column1 & Header Column 2 \\ \toprowrule
Row 1 & First \\ \colhline
Row 2 & Second \\ \colhline
Row 3 & Third \\

The third argument (reads {cc}) can use c, l, r, p{some length} but please do not include lines like “|c|l|l|”.