Important Dates for CDR Production

(updated 3/26)

  • Director's Review: Jun 2
  • Post material: May 19
  • Final review comments due: May 12 (May 8 for DUNE)
  • Draft for final review ready: May 4 (May 1 for Physics and DUNE)
  • Collaborations comments due: Apr 24 (Apr 22 for DUNE)
  • Draft for review by collaboration: Apr 15

Link to Interim Task Forces with Conveners

CDR Volumes

​CDR volume
​editing tool and
target pg count
​Editors-in-chief and
technical editor
​1 Introduction and
Executive Summarty
20 p
​Jim, Andre
​2 Physics
50 p
​Mary, Mark
​pull largely from LBNE physics document
100 p
​Elaine, Marzio
​pull largely from updated 2012 LBNE CDR
100 p
​Eric, Andre
(strategy: Mark, Andre)
pull largely from updated 2012 LBNE CDR + LBNO DR

LBNF "CDR 2015" Production

If you are involved in this effort, you are in the right place! Please peruse the left-hand navigation bar to find information.

Contributing Files 

To avoid losing contributions, the technical editors will be collecting them in a document library on this site. Access to this library requires a Fermilab Services account.

Instructions to get Services account

If you have problems getting a Fermilab Services account, please contact (Soon there will be one for LBNF and/or DUNE.)

Recommended structure of a CDR Volume (update coming)

About This Site:

This area for "CDR 2015" development is intended to coordinate the production and to enable collaboration.  To these ends, it:

  • identifies the technical editors and the editing tool for each volume
  • provides a separate hub for each volume that the coordinators and contributors can configure and build out as they like
  • provides guidelines and instructions for content contributors   
  • includes a document library to which contributors are asked to upload their sections/chapters (unless they use LaTeX+GitHub)
  • provides links to various websites and documents that contributors may need to access
  • shows schedules and responsible parties by section



Current Table of Contents (TOC) + Responsible persons + due dates for each volume, by section


These are moving targets; we will try to keep them up to date!

Project-Overview-TOC | Beamline-TOC | ND-TOC | FD-TOC | LBNE-FD-Update-TOCCryo-TOC | NSCF-TOC | FSCF-TOC