1. ESH - Mike A

2. QA - Kevin

3. Cost/Schedule - Bob

2nd week: review next 3 month T4 milestones

3rd week: discuss prior month's cost/schedule performance

4. Funding/Budget - Ami

5. Systems Engineering - Nandhini

6. Procurement - Chris B./Troy

discuss developing procurement list (could also include property items)

7. PD/PM news 

discuss changing from sharepoint meeting formats to indico (like DUNE and much of rest of Fermilab)

8. Change Control (1st & 3rd weeks)

​​​List of Change Requests

9. Risk Management (4th week) new risks & review risks triggered in next 3 months 

10. Review upcoming meetings/reviews in next 3 months


11. L2/L3 updates​​​​​

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