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 Rework the DUNE at Work landing page look and feel
DUNE9/26/2016 10:34 AMEileen F Berman10/17/2016
 Needed Review Information now Online

​This is the list of information needed to put  up a review site.

LBNF9/1/2016 3:45 PMEileen F Berman9/22/2016
 Added the Computing News You Can Use AreaDUNE6/17/2016 1:03 PMEileen F Berman7/8/2016
 Added DUNE Reviews Page to AccordionDUNE4/28/2016 11:42 AMEileen F Berman5/12/2016
 DocDB doc

​The page "DUNE DocDB" is now "How to access and use DocDB" and it has been edited. It links to a new page called "Primer for Permissions and URLS".  Both DUNE and LBNF at Work point to this information from "How to"

-- Anne

DUNE, LBNF4/25/2016 11:26 AMAnne E Heavey5/25/2016
 Added Getting Started in DUNE pageDUNE4/21/2016 5:14 PMEileen F Berman5/12/2016
 Added Book Reservation page
This can be found in the list of More How To Documentation - https://web.fnal.gov/project/LBNF/Documentation/SitePages/Book%20Reservations.aspx

LBNF3/23/2016 8:39 AMEileen F Berman3/30/2016
 Meetings and Events Accordion title is now a link

to the main meetings and events page for LBNF - https://web.fnal.gov/project/LBNF/SitePages/LBNF%20Meetings.aspx​

LBNF3/22/2016 11:26 AMEileen F Berman4/5/2016
 nus2SURF link

​Added link to nus2SURF in footer; maybe should have a link higher up in page, too?

DUNE, LBNF3/16/2016 1:34 PMAnne E Heavey4/15/2016
 Correct the Account request and Visiting Fermilab Information
DUNE, LBNF3/14/2016 12:35 PMEileen F Berman3/28/2016
 Updated Info on How To Join the Collaboration
DUNE3/14/2016 9:32 AMEileen F Berman3/28/2016
 Added How to Add an Excel Named Item to a Sharepoint PageLBNF3/10/2016 4:56 PMEileen F Berman3/23/2016
 Added How to Send Teamcenter Documents to External IndividualsDUNE, LBNF3/10/2016 4:55 PMEileen F Berman3/24/2016
 Added Neutrino Physics Center link to DUNE at Work page
DUNE3/3/2016 2:27 PMEileen F Berman3/17/2016
 DUNE-at-Work Page new Format

The DUNE-at-Work page now has a new more compact format.​

DUNE3/3/2016 8:53 AMEileen F Berman3/17/2016
 Added new Calendar for external events that are of interest to DUNEDUNE2/22/2016 11:26 AMEileen F Berman3/7/2016
 Updated DUNE Leadership Page with new picturesDUNE2/22/2016 11:04 AMEileen F Berman3/7/2016
 New How To on adding approvals to a DocDB documentDUNE, LBNF2/18/2016 8:10 AMEileen F Berman3/3/2016
 New library under DUNE for translated articles


This new library is to house PDFs of articles that get translated. Requested by Office of Communications

DUNE2/3/2016 3:07 PMAnne E Heavey3/3/2016
 Added HOW TO Add an alert in SharepointLBNF2/2/2016 4:50 PMEileen F Berman2/16/2016
 Newsletter planning page and link from LBNF at Work

​I just added a page to track newsletter article planning at Newsletter Planning. I added a link to it under Collaborative Tools and Resources.

LBNF2/1/2016 1:57 PMAnne E Heavey3/1/2016
 What's Changed added

​A place to communicate items that have changed involving LBNF/DUNE. Mostly this is for changes to tools and Project/Experiment support infrastructure.

DUNE, LBNF1/29/2016 11:41 AMEileen F Berman2/12/2016