1.  Action Items

2. Risk Updates Workshop:

plan for 15-16 June at Fermilab (see document at right) Discussion of format, prep necessary, who facilitates, who attends (Elaine)

3. CR0006  Increase cavern size by 3m to accomodate LAr pumps.
 Just so everyone knows - received word from Eric that this space is not needed, therefore  rejecting this CR and closing this open design item. 

4. CR0049  Increase fiber count through shafts
Tracy says this is ready for resolution:
What is decision on what is provided now and what allowance is needed for future?
How is this decision documented?
Who is updating ICDs and requirements?

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5/3/2016 7:49 AMElaine G MccluskeyMay 5, 2016
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5/10/2016 11:05 AMCheryl KeatyMay 5, 2016