CDR scope and strategy: talk about  (Jim/Andre/Mark)

  • what is scope in CDR -full 40kt scope
  • how to distinguish what is in DOE scope - only what DOE is going to be responsible for (as identified in RLS as best understood now, or with disclaimers)
  • Include section on what is going to be baselined in November for CFFS & cryo (full excavation, ugi only for 20kt, 2 cryostats, cryo for ??)


    Core costing as default to be shown at CD1R and in the future, DOE costing only for DOE portion but preparation of a DOETPC cost book for entire enterprise for CD1R (only).  (Elaine)


    Docs to CD1R lists and schedule to get documentation done (Elaine/Eric)


    Report from LBNC meeting (Jim/Andre/Mark/Elaine/Eric)


    How cost and schedule come together and when (Bob)



LBNF-DUNE Cost Accounting Methodolgies-draft-20150420.docx
4/21/2015 10:27 AMElaine G MccluskeyApril 21, 2015
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