It takes time to setup a review site (you can find a partial list of instructions here).  Information should be provided as much ahead of the review as possible.

Here is the set of standard items needed to create a review site. These can be cut and pasted into an email that provides the information.  Send that email to lbnf-communication.

Need to start the review site -

  • what is the name of the review/workshop?
  • what are the dates of the review/workshop?

Need soon after -

  • where will the review/workshop be held?
  • who are the reviewers for the review/workshop?  do you want these published on the review/workshop site?
  • is there a charge i should point to from the review/workshop site?
  • do you need an area for reviewers to upload documents?
  • will you have documents in dune docdb that will need to be pointed to?  if so. should they be separated into different groups on the review/workshop pages (how many are there approximately)? if so, what are the categories?
    • about how many documents do you estimate
  • will you have documents for the reviewers that you would like to upload to sharepoint?
    • about how many documents do you estimate?
  • are these external reviewers?  will you want maps/directions/area information on the review/workshop site?
  • will there be an agenda that you would like published on the review/workshop site?
  • do you want the review/workshop site to point to any other information?
  • will the review/workshop be accessible via zoom?  if so, which access code or codes will be used?
  • is there a graphic (picture…) that i can use on the review/workshop site?
  • should the review/workshop be also entered in indico with just a pointer to the real review/workshop site?
  • will this review also have a website that the OPSS folks are responsible for?

Guidelines for documents in DocDB that will be accessible for the reviewers -

  • All documents will need to be made Review accessible. For each document -
    • Select 'Update DB Info'
    • fill in the 'Notes and changes' field with what you are doing
    • Select yourself as the Submitter
    • In the View box, add 'review' as a selection without changing the other selections (will need to 'control-click' (Windows) or 'command-click' (Mac) on the review choice)
    • Click 'Update Document'
  • Name individual documents in the DocDB entry so that reviewers will know what the file contains