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New Employee Introduction

​The following items should be discussed with new LBNF employees -

  • New employee should bring their computer with.
  • Set up Exchange email (use
  • Introduce various FNAL pages of interest

  • Introduction to Project Directory
  • get cert for docdb and register it with docdb

  • add permissions to access
  • introduction on

  • introduction on appropriate project area

  • install solstice client from either
    • Windows - (windows icon in bottom left corner -> Microsoft System Center -> software center
    • Mac - self-service application

  • install and configure and demonstrate OneDrive if wants to use it
    • FNAL knowledgebase article on OneDrive​ (this article is old)
    • on Windows - open a service desk ticket to do this if not already there. (Amanda can help)
    • on Mac - install from Self Service application, can also open a service desk ticket for help.
    • the person does need to have some backup mechanism they are using. it can be using an externally mounted drive if they are on a Windows system.
    • here are the benefits of using onedrive
      • do not need to be on VPN to access when offsite
      • can access from other computers
      • have more quota than will be able to use (~ 1 Terabyte)
      • synching happens automatically when save a file in the 'OneDrive - Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory' folder
      • Stress that this is a synching tool, not a backup tool.  if a file is deleted from the users computer, it will disappear up in the cloud.

  • request zoom account (servicenow)
    • zoom account request form​
    • once logged in, enter the text 'zoom account' in the search box.  the first (or so) item returned should be a link to that account form.
    • install client and configure after get account.
      • if you go to and try to join a meeting it will download the client
      • turn off 'join before host' option for scheduled meetings and personal meeting room
        • in the client go to Settings->General-> Enable Advanced Features.  this will open a web page.
        • go to 'Meeting Settings' and turn off the 'Join before host' option
        • go to 'Meetings' -> 'Personal Meeting Room' and turn this option off too.

  • VOIP instructions

  • ​demonstrate messaging with zoom if interested or with cisko jabber client if interested