Preparing for a Review: The DocDB side of things

There are two categories of documents in DocDB for reviews: presentations and documents.

Instructions for presenters and document providers:

The links on the website will be set to require a username-password combination (i.e., an "access group"). There will be a unique access group for each review, moving forward.  E.g., for the October 2019 IPR, the username for the access group is iproct2019.  This access group provides read access only -- it is for the reviewers.

To add or update a presentation or document, you will need to go into DocDB with one of the following access groups: lbnfpm, dunepm, or cam. These have write permissions. In most cases, your certificate or SSO is set to include one of these.

So, log in using your certificate or SSO; DON'T click on the link in the review website.  Just mouse over the link to identify the DocDB number, then access it through the DocDB session you have open with the appropriate credentials.

Once you get to the DocDB entry, click "Update Document" to add your file(s).  It is best to add the following types of files:


  • pptx (click "Main")
  • PDF (do not click "Main")
  • source file (e.g., docx) (do not click "Main")
  • PDF (click "Main")
  • if source file is a spreadsheet, e.g., xlsx, click "Main" and don't bother with a PDF.

Instructions for the team preparing the review website and docdb entries:

For presentations

  • Note before you start: you must be signed into DocDB under one of the groups you will choose for "Modifiable by".
  • Get the agenda for the review that lists the names of the presentations and the speakers.
  • Reserve DocDB numbers for the presentations.
    • In DocDB, click "Create or change documents..."
    • Then click "Reserve" a document...
  • For each presentation:
    • Title: Month, year, review type, "presentation": Talk title 
      • E.g., "October 2019 IPR presentation: LBNF Activated Air Emissions"
    • Abstract: copy in the title again; the presentation author can add more if he or she likes later
    • Document type: choose DUNE, LBNF or LBNF/DUNE as appropriate
    • Submitter: choose yourself
    • Authors: choose the speaker
    • Can View: the appropriate review group (e.g., iproct2019), lbnfpm, dunepm, and cam (check with PM first!)
    • Can Modify: lbnfpm or dunepm (if you can tell which project it's from) and cam; in some cases, you may need to add dune-leads. (check with PM first!)
    • Topics: the topics appropriate to the talk and the review
    • E.g., 
ES&H:Radiation Safety
Reviews:DOE:IPR Oct 2019
    • Save it, and note the document number it gives you each time in a systematic way. 

For documents

How to set up a larger review site (fairly far down the page) tells how to create the master document list for the review site. Most of the documents in this list are stored in DocDB. (Some documents are stored in EDMS or other places.) Communicate with the PM and the team members responsible for the documents to get the list right! 

For each document on the list ensure that the link is set properly. 

  • It must use the "private" URL form.
  • It must have the "asof" date set in the format yyyy-mm-dd. Get the date from the PM.
  • It may point to the DocDB entry, or to a specific document within an entry (see below). In the "Ways to link" below, 
    • nnnnn is the docdb number
    • tttt is a file extension, e.g., pdf, docx, xlsx, pptx; this can be used if there is only one file of this type within the entry.
Ways to link:
  • Link to the document entry page (useful when the reviewer is pointed to more than one file in the DocDB entry): 
  • or link directly to the only file in the entry with a given extension (easier than using the full filename, if you can):
  • or link directly to a specific file:
In DocDB, update the metadata for each item in the master document list:
  • Submitter: choose yourself
  • Can View: the appropriate review group (e.g., iproct2019), lbnfpm, dunepm, and cam
  • Topics: include the review, e.g., Reviews:DOE:IPR Oct 2019
Go to the master list on the review site and test each link. Yes, there are hundreds!