‚ÄčA document should be marked obsolete when either or both of the following are true -

  • the document's content is no longer valid or relevant for lbnf/dune
  • the document is superseded by a different document 

In order to mark a document obsolete, send a request to dune-docdb@fnal.gov including
the following -

  • the DocDB number of the document to mark obsolete
  • the reason why this doc is being set as obsolete
  • the DocDB number of the superseding document if there is one

This does not affect the adding of new versions of documents which should continue to occur as it does now.  DocDB will keep versions of all documents, so updating an existing document by uploading new versions of it will still preserve the old version and allow access to them.  Please use this mechanism and do not create new documents (with a new DocDB number), if you are only updating a current document.